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    My boyfriend and I are planning a trip from Edmonton to Alaska and back. We will be going the first three weeks in May. We will be pulling a teardrop trailer behind a 3/4 ton truck. We plan to stay in the trailer most nights and make many of our meals. Our trailer is equiped with 12V and 120V power along with an electric heater. We don't plan to do much sightseeing in Alberta. We havn't spent that much time in dring in the US. Any suggestions on campsites with showers and power? We don't like to be too touristy. We prefer to see places as the locals do. What would be some typical Alaskan or even American things to see? do? eat? Other than Denali park are there other must see wilderness sites? Hotsprings?

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    Default I love teardrop trailers!

    I have friends involved with a teardrop group. Someday I hope to own one myself.

    As for Alaska....I've never been but folks who drive there swear on The Milepost

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    Thanks for the link. I've only been able to find the 2006 edition at the book stores.

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    Default 2007 is available from Amazon right now

    Quote Originally Posted by garneau View Post
    Thanks for the link. I've only been able to find the 2006 edition at the book stores.
    The 2007 edition is just being shipped now. I just received our review copy and I will be updating the review this week. There is also a brand new edition of the Alaska Wilderness Guide (9th edition) which I will try and review this week.


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    I did that exact same trip two years ago. Be sure to check out the Kenai peninsula. Beautiful! While you are there also check out the Russian towns, many Russians still there, very interesting.
    Be prepared for very high gas prices along the Alaskan highway.

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    I know you're anxious to get to Alaska, but on the way, you have to stop at Liard River Hotsprings in Northern BC. Really nice campground with two natural hot springs pools in the forest. This was a highlight on our Alaska/Yukon - Winnipeg roadtrip honeymoon!
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    Thanks for the advice. We'll stop at the hotsprings on the way back. Anyone know of a reasonably priced way to go ocean fishing around Anchorage?

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    Can't say exactly what the costs are now, but last time I fished "seawater" in Alaska was out of Homer Alaska (South of Anchorage). You won't fish the Ocean there but you will fish Katchamak bay. Pretty big fish to be caught there. My mom caught a 184 lbs Halibut there.

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