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    Default San Francisco round trip (6 days)

    Hi all

    First post so forgive any errors.

    My wife and I are attending a conference in San Francisco 25th to 28th April. We hope to see SF in our free time. We intend to stay on and hire a car from Saturday 28 April and would like to see various places before returning to SF (Our flight home is on Friday afternoon 04th May).

    Our initial thoughts to visit and stay are:
    1. Napa
    2. Yosemite
    3. Mojave desert/Death Valley
    4. Pacific coast road back to SF.

    We would like a realistic balance between driving and sightseeing. We would really appreciate comments on time/distance viability, ideas for routes and places to stay/places to eat/entertainment/bands/music, etc.

    We are travelling from Glasgow, Scotland, and it will be our joint fiftieth birthdays.

    Thanks in anticipation.


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    Default Cast of thousands

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    The forum is packed full of information about this part of the US. I believe I've heard we're up to 1200 posts on this general area, so you'll find plenty of thing by looking around. Some of the best posts are linked in this thread.

    Traveling at the end of April means Tioga Pass will likely be closed, so you won't be able to go directly over the Sierras from Yosemite to Death Valley. However, this has been a record low year for snow in the Sierras so there is a slight chance that the pass could be opened in time for your trip, although it probably won't be until later in May.

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    Default Play with routing programs

    AAA has a new routing program that I'm having a great time playing with. Go to the AAA website and choose "Triptik Travel Planner". You don't have to be a member to use it. You can plug in the places you want to go and get routing ideas, distances between locations, and information on hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc. It's a very handy tool.

    But these types of tools only go so far. For example, it's going to give you the fastest routes, not the most scenic ones. And it only lists establishments that partner with AAA while there are tons of other places that you might find more intriguing. So, after you've played with it a bit and gotten some ideas, please come back here and post again. I'm sure you'll get a lot of advice to help make your trip fantastic.

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    Default SF round trip

    Judy and Michael

    Thanks for the quick responses. This is what I was looking for - being pointed in the right direction to plan our trip.

    (Still happy to get other comments)



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