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  1. Default WA to IA to OK to Grand Canyon to Reno

    I've never taken a roadtrip across the country before but would love to hear any tips. Particularly for sights along the way and with a near-three-yr-old in tow. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, we've had very little time to plan and will be leaving in about a week or so. It will be just my husband, myself and our little boy and we expect to do it all in about two weeks.


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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Here is a great resource for starting your planning, including our quiz that we recommend you take along with your husband.

    Sights along the way is relative to what you are interested in. Are you nature and national park buffs? Roadside oddities? A mix?

    If you are planning on visiting a lot of national parks, we recommend getting a National Parks Pass - it will cut down on your entrance fees significantly.

    and we expect to do it all in about two weeks.
    Is this an open-ended trip? It sounds like you don't absolutely have to be back in two weeks, so that may open up your options, depending on budget and how you feel at the end of those two weeks.

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    Default Get on the Two Laners

    Check out the two lane highways for stretches.

    Through Nebraska and Iowa I'd recommend the nation's oldest transcontinental road,Lincoln Highway.

    Through Oklahoma to the Grand Canyon, get your kicks on Route 66 which is close to I-40.

    Keep on Down those Two Lane Highways. --RoadDog

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