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    Default Wild Desert Burros of Arizona

    We bought into a membership campground in Parker Az., on the Colorado river.
    I got in when it was cheap.

    After a day boating on the river, we always take the golf cart for a spin around the campground, and down the bushy tree filled desert trails along the Colorado river to a neighboring dockside pizza place called the Del Rio.
    In route ya see every kinda wildlife you can imagine, and pass all kinds of neat people on the same adventures.

    Wild desert Arizona Burros we spotted on this particular run along Rice rd in route to the Parker dam.
    The Parker Dam holds back Lake Havasu.
    They will form a line and walk down a few hundred yards to get a drink of water next to our RV.
    The BLM thinned the herd a short spell back, but they are starting to gain their numbers. and ya see them all over the California side of the Colorado river along Rice Rd.

    Also in the town of Oatman Az, just an easy drive from Laughlin Nev.

    It really is a living desert.

    Who'd da thunk it, of all the resort fun, the swimming and entertainment, games and fun,, boating ect,, the golfcart runs are everyones favorite thing to do along the Colorado river.
    Cheap fun too.

    In route to the Pizza place, a nice Ford F150 sped by while we were waiting to cross the highway. He had his foot in it,, full speed.

    He lost his ice chest right there in front of us,,, we pulled it off the highway (Rice Rd) and left it so if he came back he could claim it.
    It was a nice chest.
    The 12V/115v elect plug in kind of chest.

    I even scratched my head as I bent over to examine it like some sun bake'd desert vagabond. Full of Molsen,, ummmm delicious!!

    Well, after several hours riding, and time at the pizza place, we were driving back to our campsite in the nite and there it was, the ice chest we all forgot about, so we picked it up, and took it back to the campsite.

    Driving around at nite everyone has their golfcarts,, and it's a real social thing.
    Meet some real characters.
    I was driving a lot of the dads to the swimming pool late at nite and a lady stopped us, invited us in for a drink and she want to dance for us if ya know what I mean.
    The guys had visited her before,, and I had my soon to be wife along,, so I dropped them off, and headed back to be with the kids at the pool/
    Always some sort of funny adventure happens, and ya never can quess what it'll be.

    Daughter takes the golfcart for a spin. Seats 5.
    "It's a social tool dad" she says.

    Our RV campsite on the water.

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    Default Don't get too close!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ross & Alice View Post
    Wild desert Arizona Burros we spotted on this particular run
    Just don't let them get close to any dogs or small children -- they bite and can be quite irritating.


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