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  1. Default I'm trying to make a roadtrip planner for a friend. HELP!

    A good friend of mine is going to travel around the US this summer starting in Michigan and going out east then to the south then up through the west and back home. I was going to make him like a roadmap of cool things he needs to see during his travels. I mean, cool stuff that you wouldn't normally find in a road book that you can pick up at Wal-Mart. If anyone knows of anything interesting in the city or town they live in PLEASE HELP ME! Thanks everyone!!

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    Default It depends

    It depends on two things... what he considers "Cool Stuff" to be. Some of us here think that Museums and other things are just wonderful, but to others, they are boring. Second, what states is he planning to go through? This will narrow it down a bit, as pretty much every state has something "cool" to someone.

    However, one bit of advice I can give is that National Parks, Historic Places, etc. are good places to start.


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    No national parks and stuff like that. He can find that on a road map. I want to make this like a scrap book of original and interesting things to give him more options than the regular parks and lakes.

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    Default Some book tips

    There are some books out there that may help get you started:

    One is the "Weird US" series - there seems to be one of these for every state (ie "Weird N.J.".
    There are also books such as "Curious New England" and "Massachusetts Curiosities", which list several oddities (such as Worcester's American Sanitary Plumbing Museum and Gloucester's Hammond Castle).

    Chances are your local library will be able to help you get a copy of some of these for your perusal.

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