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    Default NY - Yellowstone

    Our first major road trip (over 2000 miles). We are planning on taking 2 weeks. Leaving Upstate NY early May going to Yellowstone then back. Our concerns are the following...road closures (due to high elevation snow and ice), sufficient campgrounds open this time of year (for pop up camper), and the time we have allowed ourselves. If anyone has any info on a trip such as this or one similar we would love to hear it. Thanks!!

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Two weeks is a good amount of time to make the trip to Yellowstone, and to be able to mix in some Interstate driving with sight-seeing along the way.

    If you go to the Yellowstone web site, you will find the opening dates for various areas. I know that some of the outer park campgrounds do not open until towards the end of May.

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    Default Afraid of that

    Thanks MT I was afraid of that. The other concern is are we going to hit alot of places on the way out that are strictly seasonal leaving us high and dry with no place to stay???I dunno....havent been West excpt as far as Ohio so its maikng us a bit nervous...wouldnt care if it was just the hubby and myself as we can live out of a car trunk. Having our kiddos with us though thats a different story. So if anyone else can provide some info itd be great!

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    Default I think that unlikely

    Quote Originally Posted by msipley View Post
    The other concern is are we going to hit alot of places on the way out that are strictly seasonal leaving us high and dry with no place to stay???
    I doubt it, just about all motels between NY and Jellystone are 12-month operations.
    Having our kiddos with us though thats a different story
    Yeah, that is what makes it an adventure -- here is an article that will sound familiar I am sure. Here are some sites that are geared to family travel And here is a new thread about family roadtripping that you might find helpful.

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    Default Seasonal Operations

    My issue with Seasonal Operations isnt the hotel thing its the campground thing. We have purchased a pop up specifically for this trip and a few others we are planning to make...due to the time of year we are traveling it just makes me a bit nervous that some places may not be open. If anyone has done this trip please fill me in.

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    Default spring camping.

    I don't think you'll have many problems finding places to camp in early May. Along your route, Most seasonal campgrounds are open by mid-april. They may have limited services until Memorial Day, but you should have no problems finding a place to pop-up.

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    Default OK.....NY-Yellowstone-Tetons

    So heres the plans our reservations are made. We leave home (Upstate NY) on May 11 arrive in Gardiner Mon. May 14 (staying at Rocky Mountain Campground). We spend the 14 - 19 in Gardiner exploring Yellowstone. We leave Gardiner May 19 head down to the Tetons (staying in Jackson) and will be there from the 19-22. Leaving to head home the 22. Give it to me...all the info you got! What should we see and do on the way (should we go through N Dakota or S Dakota?)When we get there what are the must sees? We arent real touristy trap kind of people we spend the majority of our trips hiking, camping, backpacking and fishing. Cant wait to hear the suggestions. Thanks guys!!

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