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    Hello all, newbie here - great site!!

    I've driven through the southwest once before, several years ago, and loved every minute of it. My wife and I have some time this summer for a trip and she has been bugging me to visit some friends in Phoenix (she wants to see the desert and surrounding Phoenix area, she's never been there). I'm considering doing it - flying into phoenix, spend a few days there, then take a 4-5 day road trip around and back to Phoenix to fly back to Pittsburgh (home).

    I absolutely loved the sites in NM, specifically, I drove from OK city to Phoenix across I 40 and down I-17, and I was only on the interstates (had a limited time to make it to phoenix). I thought if my wife and I were going to spend 4-5 days on the road in the area, we would want to start in Phoenix, up to Sedona, up to the Grand Canyon, and then somehow get over into NM, hopefully toward the eastern side of the state, then drive back across I-40, and somehow back to Phoenix (possibly using a different road than I-17).

    Neither of us are real intense tourists, in the sense that we mostly stick to the higher speed highways and are generally happy stopping to see sites/national landmarks for a short time and then getting back on the road to see more (like to see as much as we can in a given amount of time). We enjoy the scenery most - along the roads we drive. We like to check out local restaurants at meal times but won't go out of our way to do so.

    Are there any particular routes/sites that you would recommend given our limited 4-5 day schedule and that I would like to see New Mexico again? I REALLY enjoyed the drive across I-40 through the state, would love to do it again (want my wife to see it too). As I mentioned, we're from Pittsburgh, with little traveling history, so the southwest in general is very exciting for us.

    Thanks for any help/recommendations you can give!

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    Default A big loop

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It would seem to me that your bet bet would be to do a big loop using I-17, I-40, I-25, and I-10. Certainly you could get off the main highways and take a few side trips to Grand Canyon, White Sands, NM, or Saguaro National Park near Tucson.

    I think you could probably fit in a loop like this in 4-5 days, although even here you will have to really keep moving.

  3. Default I looked at a trip something like this

    I looked at a trip something like this, as part of another road trip. It's doable in 4-5 days, but you'll be doing some traveling..

    For a big loop trip --
    - Phoenix to Grand Canyon is a day, with some time to sightsee at the GC
    - GC out the east entrance, through Wupatki & Sunset Crater to Holbrook area (day 2). You *might* do the Petrified Forest this day, late.
    - Holbrook area (Petrified Forest) to Albuquerque/ Santa Fe and start heading SE -- end somewhere like Roswell (Day 3)
    - Roswell to Carslbad Caverns, and head west to somewhere like Las Cruces, NM (Day 4)
    - Las Cruces to Phoenix (Day 5)

    It's doable.. but you'll be traveling good distances each day.

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