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    A bunch of friends and I have decided that we are going to drive up the California coast after graduation...we are only 18 and have a really tight budget, and want to stay along the coast as much as possible. Any ideas or suggestions???

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    How many in "a bunch"?
    Where are you starting from?
    How long do you have?
    What constitutes "a really tight budget"?
    What's your experience with and preparedness for camping?
    Will you be using your own car(s) or trying to rent?
    What is it that you want to take away from this adventure?


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    Without knowing who, how many, where, what or how.... My guess is that you'll want to do a bunch of camping up along the coast. Cheapest way to stay, if you're tight on budget.

    But you'll want to get camping reservations to get right on the coast... and do some prior planning to make sure you'll have enough tof the right stuff to make it work.. and maybe even do a dry run so you know that everyone can handle it..

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    There are around 5 of us as of now, We have about $700 a piece, not including $300 we already took out for gas. We will be using our own car, and are starting from our sleepy little home time between L.A. and Las Vegas in the High Desert. We plan to spend about a week...and are not big campers, but it could be done. We just want to have great memories and stories. This is kind of like our last little adventure before we dispurse all over the country to begin college life...

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    Since your finances actually seem to be in up to what you have in mind, you should keep in mind that you can do so much more than just the coast. Assuming you're starting from somewhere around Barstow, and that we want to keep the mileage somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 miles for a couple of reasons: 1) Why chew up the budget on gas, and 2) Why coop yourselves up in a car when you've got all that great nature at your (relative) doorstep.

    Head west through Victorville, Palmdale and Santa Clarita to the coast at Ventura, then work your way up the coast on CA-1, making abundant use of the many state parks and elephant seal colonies.

    From Carmel, head inland on one of the great two-lane roads, G-16 - Carmel Valley Road, to Soledad and than CA-146 to the other worldly Pinnacles National Monument, then continue up US-101 to Gilroy and pick up CA-152 east to San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area. From there you can cross the Central Valley up into Yosemite National Park. Then head south and explore Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks before heading home.

    I think that would make for a great week and still stay within your budget. On the other hand, if all you really want to do is stay along the coast as much as possible, then just get to Ventura and head north for a great natural coast, or head south through LA to the towns between there and San Diego for surfing and night life. The final call is up to you and your friends.


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