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  1. Default Early April Northern California Road Trip


    I am from Sydney Australia, but am working in San Francisco for 3 months. I have managed to get 7 days off work starting the 1st April - my wife is flying over from Oz, and I have beeoked a hire car. My tentative plans are:

    1) San Fran to Lassen Volcanic NP (via Orr Hotsprings for a day spa) = 1 day

    2) Lassen Volcanic NP to Lake Tahoe - stay somewhere on the Western Shore of Lake Tahoe or in South Lake Tahoe

    3) Lake Tahoe to Yosemite - stay somewhere near Yosemite

    4) Yosemite to Big Sur - stay somewhere near Big Sur

    5) Big Sur to San Francisco

    I am not sure of the distances involved - I think that all of the stages that I have mentioned above are do-able in one day - weather permitting. Can any body confirm this? Also, does anybody have any idea about weather in these places from April 1st onwards for a week? Is it likely to all be snowed out and roads closed? + any other tips or advice very welcome - accommodation options, other hot springs, nice secret places that I should see, things to avoid etc.

    Many thanks in advance


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    Default April Fools Day!

    Quote Originally Posted by zoblarnator View Post
    I am from Sydney Australia, but am working in San Francisco for 3 months
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! I love it that you are commencing on such a roadtrip on April Fools Day!
    and I have beeoked a hire car
    Is this Ozy slang for "booked"? In any case, I like the word.

    The one thing about the trip, is that it probably won't be very relaxing. You are trying to cover vast distances and still walk around and see stuff during the day?

    Day One might be a little long....
    1) San Fran to Lassen Volcanic NP (via Orr Hot springs for a day spa) = 1 day
    The Orr Hotsprings I know is near Ukiah, and that would be about a 3 hour drive, (depending upon when you are able to leave San Francisco) and if you spent 3-4 hours at the spa and then started driving to Lassen that would be another 4 hours. So this first day would be 11+ hours.

    I think staying overnight at Ukiah or elsewhere in the wine country sounds lovely and then make your way to the gold country and Yosemite (and spend a couple days) might be far more relaxing. Yosemite in early Spring is gorgeous. You could still head to Tahoe from Ukiah -- spring/winter conditions .
    4) Yosemite to Big Sur - stay somewhere near Big Sur
    The Big Sur Lodge would be my choice and here are some more ideas about things to see as you head north to San Francisco.


  3. Default Thanks!

    Thank you so much Mark - thats all brilliant info! I think I might leave Lassen out alltogether then - stay at Orr, and head straight to Lake Tahoe from there.

    Great web site, just what I needed right now!

    Thanks again

    All the best


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    Default Do you like beer?

    Just down the road from Ukiah is the Anderson Valley Brewing Company in Boonville and it makes for a nice afternoon sip of the local brew.


  5. Default Does an English/Australian like beer!!


  6. Default Sierra Nevada Brewing company in Chico?

    *Grins* I do have to mention, that Chico, California (which is sort of the southern gateway to Lassen -- before you leave the Central Valley and head up into the mountains) is home of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.

    Nice brewery, nice restaurant...... (This isn't a brew pub -- they brew a lot of good beer...)

    Butte Creek Brewery is pretty good in Chico as well.

    There's also some good ones near Sacramento too...

    Pyramid Alehouse

    Sacramento Brewing Co

    (Note, I've left out the dozens of bewpubs around -- these are the ones I know are breweries first, not pubs who do a bit of beer on the side).

    (And have I spent that much time in breweries in the north Central Valley? Yeah, I guess I have.... *hick*)
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  7. Default But Seriously...

    Went back and re-read the messages. Mark's right -- heading from SF to Ukiah for a day spa, and then off to Mt Lassen is going to be a huge push in a day. Not only that, there aren't any lodges or much at Lassen other than campgrounds.

    To throw out another alternative, take your wife to Napa Valley -- do some wine tasting, and then hit up some of the hot springs and spas in Callistoga area in Napa Valley itself. There's a bunch there... with everything from natural hot springs, to natural mineral (or mud) baths, to etc. (I'm trying to remember the one I visited years ago in Callistoga).

    Maybe not in the redwoods like Ukiah, but a bit closer. Plus afterwards there are some really really nice restaurants in the area -- with wonderful wines-- and some good B&B type places.

    Then from there, head to Tahoe, in an easy day's drive.

  8. Default I like the cut of your gib Lassen!

    Thanks a lot for the info - I definitely will channel my researches (accommodations etc) around these suggestions. Keep em coming!

    Thanks, dave

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