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  1. Default Ambitious trip in 16 days

    Husband and I and our two easy-going dogs are planning a summer trip to visit my parents in Irvine, CA. We live in Raleigh, NC. We would like to stop at Yellowstone N.P. for one night and Seattle, WA, for onenight.

    We would like to spend 2 or 3 days with my parents, and then return to Raleigh going through Grand Canyon and Arches N.Ps without stopping too long (in other words, mostly driving through).

    We will have 16 days to do this. My husband and I have been driving long distances for a while and ideally we would drive as many hours that we could in shifts for the first couple of days (through states that we really don't need to see), then take it easy until Seattle and again drive down on I-5.

    I've been playing around with Microsoft Streets & Maps and it comes down to a 7100 mile trip, which could be done, but the question is... is it humanly possible. I realize that we would be missing a great deal of beautiful scenery, but time is just not there for us.

    I proposed to my husband that we abandon the idea of Seattle, but he won't hear of it. Comments? Suggestions?

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    Default At the very least

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    At the very least, you are going to need to eliminate Seattle, and in all reality, I think you will have to cut out even more.

    Even if you only spend 2 days at your parents, you'd have to average more than 500 miles a day of travel for every other day of your trip. Now, 500 miles is a nice long but manageable day on the road, where you have a little bit of time for some sightseeing, but it doesn't give you much time for any real exploration. Even the time it takes to "drive-thru" the places you want to go will likely be more than you have time for.

    At best, right now you've got a trip that is going to push you to the limits of exhaustion. Its possible you could pull it off, but I would strongly advise against it.

  3. Default We have done Raleigh-NYC (about 500 miles)

    several days straight when we were moving to NYC and when we moved back to Raleigh.

    We'll keep working on the details and see if we can cut out more.


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    Default Tired thinking about it

    I agree with Michael - a few 500 mile days is definitely manageable, but effectively having 16 of them in a row could really detract from the enjoyment of your trip.

    I don't know that I would be able to just "drive through" any of the attractions of the West.

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