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  1. Default 2 Month Roadtrip!!!

    WE are an Aussie couple ready to take on the open road US style!
    We are planning on starting in the Florida area, then heading up the coast to New York, cutting down to New Orleans via Nashville, across through Texas, On to LA then up the coast till we reach Seattle. We are planning on buying a car in the Miami area, we are also looking at buying a tent for cheaper accomadation.
    We are really looking for any tips and advice. We will have about $8000, will this be enough?

    Anything you can tell us will be of great help

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Buying a car is an item that comes up quite a bit on this forum.
    With an $8000 budget, and expecting to take a two month trip, however, I can already see a problem with that. Any car selling for less than ~$4000 most likely would not be one that you would want to trust with the task before you. Add to that licensing, insurance, and registration, and the money adds up fast. Then there is, of course, fuel, food, and lodging costs. A quick search will bring up a wealth of information about this topic.

    Your planned route is a sound one - there are many great things to see along these roadways, however you may want to cut your timeframe down a bit, given your alloted budget. Even if you choose a month, you will have plenty of time to take in a good portion of the country, without rushing around.

    If you are comfortable with camping, then by all means spring for the tent and use that as your primary lodging. If you have not camped before, I would recommend taking some trips around where you live now and testing it out to see if it is something you can do for a month or two. An added question I have is - when will you be making this trip? The nights at this time of the year (March - May) can be rather chilly, especially the further North you go. You will also want to prepare for that. Not bone-rattling cold, mind you (though that is in the bones of the beholder), but around the freezing point.

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    Thats for the advice. Knowing that a month will be enough to see everything is good news!
    We are planning to arrive in mid May. If buying a car what would be the best kind to get? Or alternativley would car hire be better? We are both under 25 though...

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    Default Rental Shopping

    I think that renting will probably end up being your best bet, if you are at least 21. At that age, you'll still be able to rent, although you'll probably have to pay a fee because of your age.

    If you are under 21, renting probably won't be an option. That said, buying a car can be a very expensive and time consuming experience. You'll need to do some serious research about what restrictions you'll face trying to get the car licensed, registered, and insured before you start worrying about what kind of car you'll want to buy.

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    Default Rental car

    One thing you'll want to make sure of if you do end up renting a car is:
    Is it okay to take it out of the state you rented it in?
    and - does it come with unlimited mileage?

    I think that with most of the major chains you shouldn't have too much trouble.

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