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    Default Summer trip with teens from CA to anywhere!

    I am planning a two to three week trip with two 13 yr. old girls (I'm probably nuts!). I'm going without my husband, so I will be the only one driving.We live in San Jose and have toured California enough and want to go elsewhere. We can start in San Jose or fly somewhere else in the country and drive from there. We are considering Maine, Cape Cod, etc., but are open to other ideas. I need a trip that will keep teens interested. Help!
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    Default Asking Questions

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Since you have 2-3 weeks and you are open to flying to start your trip, you really can go anywhere. The question is what sorts of things would interest both you and your girls.

    I'd start by asking them where they'd want to go. Let them come up with a list of a few places that would be priorities for each of them, and also come up with a list yourself. Then go over each of your lists together and decide on a place you would all enjoy. Once you've got that, work on planning the trip together. In the end, you'll all have the best time if you are have had a say in what you do and are invested in the planning process.

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    Default One idea --- Colorado Rockies

    Quote Originally Posted by Lextex View Post
    I am planning a two to three week trip with two 13 yr. old girls
    Now is the time to do it! 3-5 years from now and everyone will be too busy to embark on such an adventure!
    We live in San Jose and have toured California enough and want to go elsewhere
    I can understand this sentiment -- (I just find it hard to believe) -- if you were to travel every weekend for the rest of your life, you would never run out of new stuff to see and do in California. But... on to this year's adventure:

    How about flying to Denver and then doing a Colorado Rockies circuit tour? Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park is pretty awesome. The Stanley Hotel has a resident ghost and there is a program that would get your travel mates up to speed with "her." I bet they would enjoy the train ride to Silverton and the Million Dollar Highway is pretty fun. There are several jeep outfitters in the area that will take you on a thrill ride to the edge of the cliffs in the region. There are some threads about this area on the forum (but I can't find them at this exact moment....)

    From there you could zig-zag your way to 4-Corners where, for a small fee, you can plant both hands and both feet in four different states at once. Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly and gorgeous Navajo land of NE Arizona is ripe for road trips. Perhaps a shopping trip to old Santa Fe and then back to Denver.


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