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    The plan is to leave Seattle on June 23rd heading east on 90, seeing Yellowstone,Devils Tower and Badlands before we hit Chicago.(? #1 Any ideas about Rv parking in Chicago while we sightsee) Then onto NYC for 8days, DC for 3 days,95S check out Savannah then on to 10 to Jacksonville, Mobile, 3 nights in New Orleans/ Baton Rouge next stop Albuquerque. Now here is ? #2 (The map looks like spaghetti between New Orleans and Albuquerque) Does anyone have a suggestion on which route to take? Ok on to Santa Fe/Taos 25 to Denver, 70 to 15 to check out Zion and Bryce and by then we'll be flat broke and will take 15N to 90E and home. Total no more than 5 weeks ?#3 can this be done on a $10.000 budget? Hope i put enough info, and thanks for any input. Email is welcome, whatever.

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    Default Budget seems a little low

    Quote Originally Posted by BellaLuna View Post
    The plan is to leave Seattle on June 23rd heading east on 90,
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Sounds like quite an adventure. I am not sure you have budgeted enough time and certainly not enough money for this excursion. There are several threads on this Forum that will provide some ideas for you with respect to the budget -- look at the Budget RoadTrip section.


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    considering you have an RV circling around America would probably cost you around $1,500+ (im estimating).

    How many MPG do you get? (and what type of fuel).

    also, did you figure out the total mileage for the trip?
    I tried this recently, figuring out how long (in miles) it would take to go from Phx, to FL, to Mass, to Seattle, and down to Phoenix again, and it came out to be around 8,200 miles.

    Also since you have an RV you really dont have to stay in a Hotel (which i imagine would save some money)

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    I will be doing a similar trip this month and I havent done long distance trips for some time. We are travelling in a 95 Ford conversion van(only an electrically contoled fold down queen size bed). I was appalled at the rate charged for camping at different places. Camping used to be an alternitive way to travel and save money. Not any more I guess. I too wanted to go to D.C. and take in the sights. Especially the Smithsonian. The nearest campsite charges $40. a night!!!!!!!!!! Am I losing it or what? I'm used to paying no more than that for a Motel 6. Anyhow, I thought I might check into a Holiday Inn. Guess what? They want $325. a night!!!!!!!!! George Washington would cough up his wooden dental plates at that I'm sure. I guess because we are on a limited budget the best thing for us is "roadside rest areas". I think it might be a good idea for one of us to do "roadside rests across the U.S." in the future so that those of us on limited budgets can still "hit the road" and not have to be like Bonnie and Clyde and rob banks along the way. Keep Trippin, Road Tripper

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    Default Camping Costs

    $40 for a campsite almost certainly had to be a private facility, with hookups, that aimed to give RVers there only little plot of concrete that's close to all the DC area attractions.

    I can say I've never spent more than $25 for a night of tent camping. I'd be checking Maryland State Parks. A couple years ago I stayed at one that was an easy drive from Baltimore that cost $15 per night for tent camping. A quick look at my map shows that Smallwood State Park isn't too far south of DC and could be an option worth checking out.

    If you do decide to just sleep in the van, I would recommend looking for a place like a Truck Stop or other more well traveled and better lit areas. Roadside Rest Stops usually are not the most safe option for sleeping in a car.


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