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    Default New York to San Francisco?

    I've been planning a route from New York to San Francisco stopping at Memphis and Las Vegas along the way.

    We've scheduled 2 weeks for this but is this realistic?

    We're prepared for a few days of solid driving and the route planner we've used suggests an average 4 - 5 hours of driving time a day for 10 days.

    Is there any other great coast to coast route that might take some time off but still has things to see along the way?


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    Default One Way or Roundtrip?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Is the 2 weeks you have planned just for going one way, or is this a round trip?

    I'd say your 10 day estimate would be about right if you limit your driving to around 5 hours a day. You'll be looking at a ballpark of a 3000 mile trip, so you'd need to cover around 300 miles a day, which is pretty easy to do.

    As far as routes go, any route you take is going to have plenty of things to see and do, although some of those things will be more subtle than others. The most direct route would take you along I-80, through Chicago, Wyoming, Northern Utah and Nevada, crossing into California near Lake Tahoe. Another option would be to follow I-70 through the heart of the Rockies in Colorado, across Utah, and then take US-50, aka the loneliest road in america, through Nevada.

    But those are just 2 options in addition to what you've already planned. There is no right or wrong answer, and if you've got 10-14 days to make the trip one way, you can use pretty much any route you'd like.

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