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    Default From Seattle to ???

    Hi there, I'm looking for tips and suggestions regarding my summer road trip.

    Leaving from Seattle, I have 5 days to drive then 4 days to spend hanging around before starting my return trip.

    I can't decide which direction to go: due east, southeast or south. For me, since I'm going solo, the drive will be a major part of the attraction in the sense that I want to see the sights as they roll by...

    By the way, my vacation time is Aug. 3 to Aug. 18

    This may seem vague but I'm not one to plan every little detail. Spontaneity adds to the fun!
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    Default It's All good

    With 5 days for a one-way transit, virtually anywhere in North America is within easy reach (with the exception of the very southeastern corner of the US - past Atlanta roughly). So just pick a spot that appeals to you, the kind of place or region that you've always wanted to visit. To start getting ideas, just pull up in front of a big fire with a good atlas and daydream. Anyone can list a few places they'd recommend, but that's where THEY would go. This is your trip and everywhere is within reach.

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    Default Is August too hot to travel south?

    From BC, I'm considering 4 to 5 days of driving
    in a south-southeast direction. This could lead
    me through Texas and perhaps as far east as New Orleans.

    Or, I could swing southwest from Texas and hit Arizona,
    Nevada and California before winging it back to Vancouver Island...

    My car doesn't have air conditioning (which is okay with me cuz
    I would rather have the windows down)....But I imagine it gets
    super hot down south and I wouldn't want to be getting stuck in
    freeway traffic without air! Good thing I like summer :)

    The drive is the vacation.....I just want to hit the open
    road and soak it all in...

    Is it too hot in the southern U.S. in early August?

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    Default Of course not!

    Of course its not too hot to travel! Think of it this way, Millions of people live and work in the deep south and humans have done so since long before the invention of air conditioning!

    Now if you really can't stand heat, then it might not be an ideal choice for you or your trip, but other than a personal preference, there simply is no reason you couldn't have a great time touring the south in the summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Loblaw View Post

    My car doesn't have air conditioning (which is okay with me cuz
    I would rather have the windows down)....But I imagine it gets
    super hot down south and I wouldn't want to be getting stuck in
    freeway traffic without air! Good thing I like summer :)
    In the 90's, my AC went out on my car and I managed to survive a year of Houston rush-hour traffic with just the windows down. The heat can be stifling! I was glad that I didn't have to smell nice when I got home (straight to the shower). I deliberately changed my work schedule so I could start extra early and roll into work before sunup.

    We get plenty of afternoon thunderstorms that will make you roll up the windows, and then ramp up the humidity for the rest of the day, so be wary and have lots of water.


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    Default No it's not too hot...

    but I've lived in Louisiana all of my life. Just make sure you drink plenty of water and eat light if you're going to be outside a lot. If not then behave normally.

    I tend to drive my Grandmother's old Buick around since it gets MUCH better gas mileage than my roadtrip car. It has no air conditioning. I just carry water and deodorant with me and all is well.


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    Default Relaxation

    Some of the best memories I have of being on roadtrips are being in Kentucky and Tennessee, forced to just slow down and relax because of the heat. There is a reason for the laid-back nature of many of the folks in that neck of the woods.

    I recommend getting some fresh fruit (Georgia peaches!) and water, set up a chair and just watch the world go by for an hour or four.

    If you're not big on sweating a lot, though, I would recommend the Southwest (that "dry" heat). You'll still need to take care of hydration, of course.

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    We did a 1996 Summer Trip across the South - two cars, one with and one without AC. We both made it, but I'm sure glad we were the ones with the AC!

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    Default I thought you were supposed to drink air?

    Gosh, when I have been to places like Atlanta in the summer months, I thought it was just the deal to have a nice serving of "liquid air" every so often. Seriously, I am very spoiled after living in Las Vegas for ~ seven years -- I start to twitch whenever the humidity goes higher than 20%. I still visit places with humidity in the high 90's but, I much prefer that "dry heat".


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    Default Heat is good...

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions everyone, keep them coming!

    Living as I do in the deepest, darkest and WETTEST rainforests of Vancouver Island, sunshine and warm weather are much desired.

    I live in a valley so our summers regularly are hot and somewhat humid, with the mercury hitting the high 80's with the odd day where it actually reaches 100 degrees F! Winter? Now that's an entirely different story, more rain than Noah's seen!

    I love Vegas for a number of reasons, much like seeing Utah and Arizona and the desert regions of the southwest, the dry landscape and the extreme contrasts to what I'm used to seeing, that is pun intended.....

    But it would also be cool to see some eastern parts of America. Damn, I just don't know!

    Ah well, it's a wonderful dilemma, not being able to decide where to drive....If I ever decide before
    departure day, I'll post here...LOL...

    Maybe a tour of some baseball parks....hmm, Wrigley Field? Or, California with lots of ballparks and other attractions......

    Freedom of Choice!

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