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    I Am Very Very New To This Forum. And This Is My First Posting. My Fiancee & I Are Going On A Road Trip Thru The Pacific Coast Highway. I Have Visited Several Sites, Including This One, And I Have A Somewhat Naive Question.
    Some Call It The Route 1 Road Trip. But In Most Sites Is Tells Me To Go Along The 101 Freeway.
    We Would Like To Catch As Much Scenery As Possible. And I Notices That In Some Parts On The Road, You Have To Choose To Either Stay On The 1 Or Take The 101.
    So We Stay On The 101 All The Way Up?
    Or Do We Stick To Route 1?
    Anyone Has Any Advice For Us ?
    Thanks !

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    Default Pacific Coast Highway

    Quote Originally Posted by Clarissa View Post
    My Fiancee & I Are Going On A Road Trip Thru The Pacific Coast Highway.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Pacific Coast Highway or PCH is CA-1 between San Diego and Crescent City in California. North of that point PCH is designated as US-101 to Warrenton, Washington.
    So We Stay On The 101 All The Way Up?
    US 101 is also scenic in California, but if you want to travel along the famous Big Sur highway, you would exit US-101 at San Luis Obispo and head north on CA-1. There are lots and lots of posts about this route on this Forum. Here is one


  3. Default "The Coast Road"

    Hello Clarissa...

    If you're leaving LA heading for Washington, and want to go up the coast, there are a couple of options depending on fast you want to travel and what you want to see.

    The "Coast Road" from LA starts on PCH. You can catch PCH along the coast as far south as Dana Point in south Orange County, but past Seal Beach it veers somewhat inland. It joins up with the coast again in Santa Monica and continues up the coast through Malibu to Oxnard. Between Oxnard and Santa Barbara Coast 1 and 101 follow the same route, pretty much.

    North of Santa Barbara before Buellton, Coast 1 veers off to the west again and heads north closer to the coast, but not along the coast. it meets up again with 101 near Pismo Beach, and then veers away at San Luis Obispo.

    A lot of people take 101 north to Santa Barbara instead of the slower route through Malibu and nearer the coast -- from a scenic standpoing for ocean views, there isn't a lot of difference. But the Coast 1 route is much more rural.

    The primary area south of SF where people talk about coastal scenery is through the Big Sur area, which is on Coast 1.

    North of SF, Coast 1 and 101 come back together at the little town of Leggit, and pretty much follow the same route north to the Puget Sound. You'll not see a lot of "Coast 1" signs after you leave California, but the route is pretty well identified as "the Coast Highway".

    It should be noted this is not a particularly fast route -- its about 2 full days driving to Seattle area from LA using the fastest route (I-5). Taking the coast route and doing the scenic sightseeing is probably 5-6 days.

  4. Default thanks !!!

    Great, Great help to read your reply.
    We'll make a note of it.
    Thanks again !
    Clarissa ....

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