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  1. Default HOUSTON TO Vancouver!!!

    Ok so I buy this motorhome in Houston and live in Vancouver,
    What is the quickest route to take?
    Keep in mind the hills.
    Motorhomes are slower on the long pulls.
    My route as far as I figure will be El paso to alberquerque to moab to salt lake city to boise to pendelton to seattle and home.
    does this make sense??
    Mapquest says to go thru Denver! Cold and high, on thanks.
    Any input will be apreciated.


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    Default It's Not That Hard

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The first thing you have to realize is that Interstates are built to very specific restrictions. One of them is that no grade (hill) can be greater than 6%. That is, it can't gain more than 6 feet in height over a 100 foot stretch. And even on those stretches, they typically add another 'truck' lane for slower traffic such as semis and motor homes. With that in mind, your proposed route is about 2500 miles long and involves long stretches in uplands including climbs over the Wasatch and Blue Mountains. You could instead take I-10 straight across to the LA area and then I-5 up to Vancouver, That's an easy route to navigate, doesn't involve many grades, and at 2850 miles isn't that much longer.


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    I was thinking of going that way but did not knoe if the 300extra miles would be faster than the hills.
    The motorhome is a 36' 99 bounder with a v 10 engine and will be empty, should go fairly well.
    plus the I-5 is a nightmare it's like a drag strip.
    What is the road like around Moab looks pretty windy and hilly.
    Navagation will be no problem I have a dash nav. gizmo.

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    Default Four Corners

    Ah, I see the roads that have you concerned, US-491 and US-191 from Gallup, NM up to Moab, UT; basically the cut-off from I-40 to I-70. I've driven all those roads at one time or another over the last five years and I can't say that any of them stick in my memory as particularly bad. For the most part, you're up on the Colorado Plateau, so there shouldn't be a lot of long, steep hills, but there will be some grades to climb. On the other hand, there are a lot of national parks along that general route, so you will have lots of motorhome company.


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