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    I am planning to drive down from seattle to portland on Route US 101. Prime reason is to enjoy the costal route. I am planning to drive on 10th and return back on 11th. I do not intent for any tours in Portland.

    Can you pls suggest if this trip makes sense. just want to enjoy the route and stay somewhere along the coast on 10th and return back to seattle on 11th.

    Pls suggest


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    Default Very Few RoadTrips (Don't) Make Sense

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I couldn't make up my mind what to title this post. Both statements are true. Your's is a perfect example. As a trip from Seattle to Portland it makes no sense. The logical and efficient way would be to use I-5. And as a trip with no purpose but to go somewhere, turn around, and come right back it makes even less sense. Therefore, I love it! The one thing I'd add is that I'd start with an early morning ferry ride across Puget Sound, just to get off on the right foot. Then US-101 all the way around the Olympic Peninsula. Oh, and I would definitely plan on sneaking down some roads like WA-112/WA-113, and WA-109/WA-115 for some time on the beach. Have a great time.


  3. Default It's Doable..

    I've sort of done the same trip in reverse... Portland to Seattle (actually north of Seattle) in 2 days..

    For a route route, I'd do the loop across the sound via ferry then to Port Angeles, and Forks down towards Astoria in a day. For a place to stay, I wouldn't head for Portland, but stay somewhere north of Astoria (Long Beach? Aberdeen?). From there to Portland, and back via I-5 to Seattle would be about a day -- making a big loop in 2 days.

    The only thing is you'd be missing a lot of cool sights -- Hurricane Ridge, Hoh Rain Forest, getting out of the car to explore some of the Pacific Beaches, etc. Staying around Aberdeen would probably give you some of this time, but its starting to be a push to Portland and back.

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