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    I don't want to stir up any "Psycho" memories here, but what is the weirdest thing thats ever happened to you on the road?

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    Default I have seen plenty of odd things on the road

    Quote Originally Posted by hippyman View Post
    I don't want to stir up any "Psycho" memories here, but what is the weirdest thing thats ever happened to you on the road?
    Well, let's see -- how about the weirdest "rescue"? In October, 1995, we were traveling in the Phoenix One on some back roads in Maine and we were nearly out of gasoline. It was a late Sunday afternoon and we pulled into this parking lot on the side of town in Bowdoinham, Maine, that was adjacent to a closed Mobil Fuel station. We weren't sure if the Mobil was still operating, but there was a sign that looked like it might be open on Monday and so since we were out of fuel and low on money and I figured we would just park there overnight and see if we could find anyone around on Monday. I decided to pull-up to the pumps and shut down for the evening. There was no one around and it again, it looked like the Mobil had been closed for at least a couple of days or more/

    As soon as I shut-off the engine -- I glanced in the mirror and saw a man, fully decked out in an old-fashioned filling station uniform standing at the pump adjacent to the filler pipe on our truck. He was not phantom -- although I was not entirely sure about that until I got out to unlock the fueling door.

    "Alan Frizzle" ran the pumps on machines that (seemed old) and filled all of our tanks and charged a pittance of the going rate for fuel and then disappeared. To this day, I am not sure where Alan came from or how we knew we were out of fuel, but there is no doubt that he "rescued" us that day.

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