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    We need some advice on the best way to plan our 3-4 week trip.. we are planning to fly Dublin to New York (late sep/oct -5 day stop over) then onto LA.. our plan is to stay there for five days.. then take a drive out to Vegas on route 66 (6hr drive?) for a 3 night stay..

    Our next stop should be San Fran with (3 nightly stop overs on the way) but we don't want to miss the coast road.. would this require us having to make our way back to LA first?

    Our holiday is not set in stone yet.. we would appreciate some advice.. What we would like to do is.. NY/LA/Vegas/San Fran.. we're not so bothered about the order in which we visit these places.. but we do want to save ourselves headaches by planning this trip correctly.. we really don't want to miss the Vegas to LA drive on route 66.. but would it make more sense for us to fly New York to Vegas then drive route 66 the opposite end into LA (probably not as fun as driving LA-Vegas style) then Drive onto San Fran after our 5 day stay in LA..


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your first problem might be a misconception about Route 66. First of all, its a decommissioned highway, so its not an "official" route anymore. More importantly, Route 66 doesn't go to Vegas. The old Highway roughly follows I-40, which goes from California to Arizona, missing Nevada to the south. You can still get a feel for Route 66 at a few stops along the way - Barstow is one of my favorite Route 66 towns - if you take the main route from LA to Vegas (I-15). However, even on the freeway you are looking at a 5 hour trip. Following Route 66 will likely add several hours to your journey.

    No, you don't have to go all the way back down to LA to get to the Coast. You can head through Bakersfield and reach the coast either around Santa Maria or Morrow Bay, depending upon which route you take.

    A lot of this information is already around the forum on various posts (there are hundreds on this part of the world), I'd suggest taking a look at some of the links provided in this thread.

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    Hi Midwest Michael,

    I guess I haven't done my research correctly.. so I'm probably best to take the freeway? .. I'll check out the thread links.. Am I right in thinking that the road know as death vally is to the other side of vegas? is this a worthwhile drive? or would I be putting myself too much out of my way for San Fran..

    Thanks again.. I'll check out the other threads

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    I-15 is the simple and easy route from LA to Vegas. If you are hoping to complete the drive in 5-6 hours, it really is about the only way to go.

    Death Valley isn't a road, its a National Park. It is West of Vegas, and can quite easily be fit into your trip from Vegas to the Coast. Read up on those previously linked threads and you'll see plenty of advice about getting to DV from Vegas.

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