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    Default Fairbanks to Seattle/Tacoma

    Howdy. I've been perusing the board for a few weeks now but I thought I'd chime in.

    Around May 15th, I will be driving from Fairbanks, AK to the greater Seattle area. I know the route I'm going to take:

    The Alaska highway start to finish and then BC's Highway 97 to BC 1 until the border.

    I'm looking for recommendations on things to keep an eye out for along the way. I'll be doing some serious driving since I plan to cover this stretch with just 4 nightly stops. For now those are:

    Whitehorse, YT
    Ft. Nelson, BC
    Prince George, BC
    Chilliwack, BC (or thereabouts.)

    As of now, I'm doing this solo. Anything worth seeing needs to be close to the highways I'll be on since I wont have a ton of time to take side trips.

    What do you know?

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    Default South from Alaska

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Hmmm... What do I know? I know that 2300 miles over 5 days would be close to pushing it on well maintained Interstate highways, and that May in Alaska and the Yukon can sometimes be termed 'spring' only by a stretch of the imagination. So my first recommendation is to keep a constant eye on the weather as you go, and do not be surprised if this trip takes you a day or two more than you have planned. Despite the fact that you'll have paved road under your tires the whole way down, that is true wilderness outside all of your windows. Don't push it if things start getting nasty. As for listings of what's available along the way and mile-by-mile descriptions of the road, there is none better than the bible of the Alcan Highway, The Milepost. Get yourself a copy. Other than those tips, have a great adventure and please come back when your done and tell us how it went.


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    Yeah, the roads should be "fun" to say the least. The Milepost is great. We have one from 2004 when we came up originally. But we took the ferry part of the way (Prince Rupert, BC to Haines, AK) so we missed out on driving the Alcan the whole way.

    I've been debating on whether to add another night. And a buddy of mine is thinking of making the trip up to drive out with me. That might make it easier to do in a short time.

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