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  1. Default Planning a Road trip from New York to Alabama.

    Hey! Brand new to the forum.. I'm planning a trip from New York to Alabama during the first week of April. I was wondering.. should I be worried about this not being a safe season to drive down there due to severe weather along the way such as tornadoes? I'm especially nervous about those. Thanks a lot.

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    Default Unavoidable Risks

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Is there a chance you'll run into Severe or even Tornadic Weather during your trip? Yes. Is traveling to Alabama in April particularly dangerous? Absolutely not.

    The fact is, there is the risk of a natural disaster in pretty much any part of the country at any time of year. Short of living out your life in a bomb proof bunker, there just isn't any way to totally avoid those risks.

    The odds are overwhelmingly against you running into any problems whatsoever, but if you do find yourself in a severe storm, get off the road, and into a sturdy building, preferably one with a basement. Having a weather radio is also a good idea, as it will give you the best warnings about when there is a chance of severe weather and it will tell you immediately if there is a storm that poses a serious threat to your safety.

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    Default A little knowledge goes a long way

    Quote Originally Posted by deusny View Post
    I'm especially nervous about those. Thanks a lot.
    You should keep abreast of weather conditions on your route -- this is a good tool for that and you might even read the featured book of the week, I found it to be very helpful for allaying some of these fears.


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