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  1. Default Cincinnati to Portland, OR via Colorado Springs - sightseeing, lodging?

    I'm driving to Portland for a job, so this is a one-way trip. Will be accompanied by my little sister-- it's her spring break, so I want to make it a fun 5 days for her.

    Planning on stopping in/around Topeka, Colorado Springs (where we have relatives), Salt Lake City, Boise, and finally Portland. --I'm trying to break it up into shorter legs at the end, when we'll be at our most tired & irritable.

    If anyone knows of any fantastic sights to see or places to stay in the localities mentioned above, I'd love to know about them. Neither of us have ever road-tripped or been anywhere between the Mississippi and the West Coast, so any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default West of Topeka

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    OK, Starting after you leave Colorado Springs, head up I-25 and US-36 to Boulder. Have a nice lunch at any of the great restaurants along Pearl Street Mall, then continue up to Estes Park and a visit to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park (the inspiration for "The Shining"). US-36 will then take you across the Continental Divide through Rocky Mountain National park. Hook up with US-40 for continued great scenery across northwestern Colorado (and the town of Steamboat Springs). About 10 miles after you enter Utah, watch for the signs for Dinosaur National Monument, then continue on US-40 into Salt Lake City. From SLC, head up I-15 and I-84 and down the Snake River Plains of southern Utah. As you drive west from Twin Falls, consider taking the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway. Now for one of the best kept secrets of this entire drive, Bruneau Canyon. It's a bit of work, but it's worth it. Exit 112 from I-84, ID-78 and ID-51 will take you to the town of Bruneau. Ask if you need to find the road into the canyon, and once you're on it, don't let the fact that it's gravel or that it has signs warning you about things falling off airplanes overhead scare you off. When you get there I guarantee that you will ask yourself why you've never heard of this place. As you then cut up through northeastern Oregon, take a few minutes to stop in Baker City and learn how the first people to make this trek got along. Your final stretch will be right down the Columbia River and will be quite scenic


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