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    Hello Roadtrippers! We are thinking of taking a Spring Break drive from Portland to Boise - last week of March. How is this drive? Do we need to consider high mountain passes that may have snow? Is it a relative safe drive? I am NOT a lover of those steep mountain drives . . . .will this trip be full of those type scenes?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Greetings MaryG, and welcome to the forum! I don't think you'll have to worry about mountain passes between Portland and Boise, as you will most likely be going via the Columbia River Gorge which is usually clear. The only real elevation change (as in sudden), will occure in Eastern Oregon outside of Pendleton.

    I've done the drive from the Columbia River crossing into Washington state to Boise, and the drive isn't too bad, but there is nothing between Pendleton and Ontario, except for a few small fuel stops, so make sure you do have some water and food stuffs set aside, as well as a good spare.


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    Thanks for the reply! It sounds like a nice drive. Maybe my husband won't have to laugh at me riding with my eyes closed after all!!!

    Rand McNally tells us to take I 84 E, is this the route you are speaking of?

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