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  1. Default Las Vegas to New Jersey - I40? I70?

    My son is moving back from California to NJ one way. When he moved to California, he went the "northern route" I-80 to San Francisco.

    Because its winter, and the Midwest/Chicago is inundated with storm watches, he was thinking he should go the "southern route" -- starting in Las Vegas before heading east. He is presently en route to LV as I type. He's a poker player, so will likely stay a day or 2 before heading out.

    He says he will either go I-40 or up to I-70.

    Being typical worrywort Mom, and b/c he will have no internet access, I volunteered to do a little research to help him decide when the time comes to head east.

    Not knowing much about roadtrips across country, I went to AAA... I look on the map, and I see from Las Vegas to Denver to I-70 goes through the Rockies, which I envision as the ultimate in winter storms, treacherous roads, etc... they dont seem to give much information on road conditions that I can find.

    But then, doing Google searching, people have said worse things about I-40: such things as Gas Up every time you see a gas station, carry plenty of water, you can really get in trouble otherwise because you can drive hundreds and hundreds of miles without seeing anyone. Worst roads, etc etc etc... and then I even found one recommendation Never stop in Amarillo, Texas, it is horrible...

    But I am not sure what is reliable information and what is not!!!?

    Can anyone point me to some good, clear, realistic information about what would be the better route to take east, at this time of year, and how to find a good link to obtaining clear reliable highway weather forecasts for over the next week?

    Thanks, I really appreciate it,

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Let's start with the best sources of weather while on the road. It's a bit late at this point to have the car equipped with dedicated weather radio (Yes, there is such a thing!) which offers weather forecasts, and warnings as needed, 24 hours a day. But just short of that is the Weather Channel which is 24 hour weather TV and almost universally available on motel TV systems. Ultimately, if you have internet access, the source of almost everybody's forecasts is the National Weather Service. I had a look at both their forecasts, and the only inclement weather forecast over his driving period is, as you noted, rain and snow around the Great Lakes.

    Now, the I-15/I-70 and I-40 routes differ by all of 30 miles out of a total of 2500 miles between Las Vegas and New Jersey, so there's not much to choose from on that score. Both routes have their scenic sections, but I'd have to give I-70 the edge. And, there's absolutely NO reason to avoid Amarillo. So whichever road your son picks, he'll be fine.


  3. Default Thanks, one more quick question?

    Thank you very much!!! I guess I was hoping there was one dedicated site where you could type in a highway or road, and get the full spectrum of problems... weather report, highway conditions, construction, or any other traffic concerns... one-stop shopping!

    As I said in my post, I am the worrywort == not him!!! Cal is the kind of person who loves driving, and is a very good, sensible driver, keeps his car in impeccable driving condition, and is prepared for every contigency... so I'm sure he really didnt need my "help" --LOL!! but at least I'll have something useful to share with him when he calls, even though its more for me than for him.... these sites will give me something to refer to as he progresses toward home!

    So, thanks again,

  4. Default Oh, forgot my other question

    Is there any truth to the comment I read somewhere about getting gas and water at every gas station on I-40 because it goes on and on forever?

    And is I-40 more mountainous than the Colorado Rocky route??

    Just curious

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    Default Federal Site

    Quote Originally Posted by LaProv View Post
    these sites will give me something to refer to as he progresses toward home!
    We maintain a page about weather and road conditions, and you can also use the Federal page that links to all of the State DOT sites.


  6. Default Thanks again!!

    will get better familiar with the site... so far so good!

  7. Default Short Answer

    Is there any truth to the comment I read somewhere about getting gas and water at every gas station on I-40 because it goes on and on forever?
    In short, no. He'll find gas, food and lodging at regular intervals all along the way -- this is standard for virtually all US interstates. I-40 in particular is a main transcontinental truck route -- there are NO desolate stretches anywhere along its length. Bob

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    First of all, Amarillo is a fine place to visit. I made a stop there traveling through a couple years ago and found it a perfectly pleasant place to stay.

    Bob is right that Interstates are very well traveled, and there are service stops at regular intervals across all of them. While it shouldn't be a concern, there is a long gap of about 100 miles without Gas, but that is along I-70 in Utah - not on I-40. But even that spot is well marked with warnings about the lack of gas ahead.

    Of course the lack of frequent cities is also what makes that stretch of I-70 such a beautiful trip. Personally, I think its hard to be the scenic views along I-15 and I-70 between Vegas and Denver, which is why, unless there is a major weather issue, it would be the route I personally would choose.

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