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    So yeah on March 8th I'm leaving Rochester, NY to head for my destination of Sacramento, CA. Along the way I will be stopping in Lawrence, Kansas to see a concert that includes my friends band who is on tour right now. Then I will get on Route 66 to Arizona to see my sister. After thats its up the west coast until I reach Sacramento California. I'm really pumped. The trip will be a solo run and I can't wait. I'm going there to live my uncle and start a new culinary career. Its just going to be me, my car, laptop and a video camera over a 3100 mile trip. What do you all think?

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    How long are you giving yourself to make this trip?

    It sounds like a blast and what a cool way to kick off a new phase in your life.


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    I figure like 6 or 7 days, I'm not in a rush. I want to get to my destinations while observing everything on the way. No sense in just blowing by everything... if it takes 10 days, thats cool with me. I'm 23 with a fast car and pocket full of money... Thursday couldn't come soon enough.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It sounds like you should be in store for a great trip. If you can use all of those 10 days, I would recommend it. You'll probably need those 6-7 days just to push across country at a good pace if you plan on stopping in KS and AZ. That pace would allow you to see things as they go by, but won't leave much room for exploring. Since the opportunity to take a solo trip across country might not happen again for awhile, I'd take as much time as you can to savor it.

    You also can read up on RTA's Solo Trip Tips for some more advice, as you kill time waiting for your departure day!

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    O wow thanks... I'm always up for new stuff to read. Would you all recommend campgrounds, motels, or rest stops to spend my nights? Or a mixture?

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    Quote Originally Posted by badabing240 View Post
    Would you all recommend campgrounds, motels, or rest stops to spend my nights? Or a mixture?
    It is illegal in most states to sleep at night in rest stops. Campgrounds are the least expensive option and with your "pocketful of money" you can probably stay in a motel or two as well. Several of the regular posters on this Forum are solo roadtrippers. Here is another thread that provides some good over-all and time-tested advice for solo adventurers and I would also suggest you reach our tips for a speed run -- given that you have a "fast car"!



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