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    Default Crested Butte, CO to West Yellowstone

    Good evening:
    I was wondering if anyone would like to give me some advice on traveling from Crested Butte, CO to West Yellowstone, MT. The mapquest recommends going through Utah and Idaho. It seems so out of the way, although it would be a pretty trip. Any advice on the most direct and efficient route? Maybe going up through Wyoming?
    Thanks, JohnSA

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    Default Interstate Efficiantcy

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think the Route given to you via Mapquest would certainly be the most efficiant route. Since it involves much more time on major highways, you'll be able to make much better time, and while you end up backtracking a little bit, you're only adding about 10% more distance.

    A more direct route would roughly follow US-191, however, I suspect you would see some significant stretches where you would have to travel at 55 mph or less. I haven't actually driven this route myself, however, so I can't say exactly what you'd see.

  3. Default All weather route

    The main difference between the route you mention from Mapquest and a more direct route (through Rangely CO, Rock Springs and Pinedale, WY) is that the direct route may be more susceptible to snow closures if things get rough. The "big" roads get plowed quicker after a storm. Good weather, you'd find there is barely an hour's difference between them. Even taking the Interstate route through Denver to Bozeman and south only adds about 3 hours -- so if snow is heavy to the west, you might try that as another way to get there when the going gets tough. Joseph

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