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    Hello, I'm Heather. I'm planning to go on a road trip to San Fran to visit a college there. I'm wondering if any of you have any suggestions. I've never been on a road trip before. I've never been to that large of a city. I'm in highschool and make min. wage. I want to try to make it there as cheaply as possible, with very little stops. Oh and also I was wondering if it is illegal to camp out at rest stops..

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    Default Cheap and Safe

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    The best place to start looking for general advice is RTA's planning section, with articles like the Art of the Cheap Road Trip and Teenage Roadtrip being ones that will be especially helpful for you.

    Sleeping in rest areas is generally not a good idea. It is illegal in many places, and even where its not prohibited by law, its just not very safe. You'd be much better off pulling into a truck stop or campground.

    I'd also recommend taking a serious look at how much this trip is going to cost. First time roadtrippers often seriously underestimate how much it costs to travel, and if you are already on a shoestring, you'll want to make sure you at least have enough funds to safely get home.

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    he really should have italicized the word seriously

    oh shoot it didnt work, i feel dumb now lol. but wait i have a question anyway for anyone who sees this.. whats the difference between a rest stop and a truck stop i always figured they were kind of the same thing
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    Default Rest Stops and Trucks Stops

    Quote Originally Posted by rollingrock2285 View Post
    whats the difference between a rest stop and a truck stop i always figured they were kind of the same thing
    A rest stop is a safety rest facility provided by the Federal/State Highway department and usually includes flush toilets, pet walk and parking areas. A truck stop or travel plaza has that plus fuel, food, banking services, theaters, motels, etc. Here is some more information about truck plazas.


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    oh wow i didnt know truck stops were so luxurious i had no idea. hey you italicized the word seriously for me and put it together thanks lol. thanks for the explanation too.

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    Default truck stops

    I also am female & travel solo a lot, sleeping in my car. I also highly recommend using a 24-hour truck stop. Do not stay at a highway rest stop. There often are signs for not staying overnight anyhow at those. The rest stops can be dark & deserted. Truck stops have restroom and restaurant facilities at hand, and always someone around which makes me feel more secure. I've never had a problem.

    Be sure to budget enough money for fuel. You can figure out approximately using the fuel cost calculator. Be sure to enter the highest possible fuel prices and the lowest possible gas mileage you are likely to get with your vehicle.

    You could also check into a few youth hostels along the way for a clean bed & shower. Check them out - Usually about $25 or less per night.

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