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  1. Default Road trip San Francisco ending up in Tahoe

    I'm hoping someone can help me plan this trip in mid March. We are starting in San Francisco and need to end up in Tahoe. We have about 10 days to do a trip and want to include Yosemite if possible. I've read that highway 140 is the allweather highway into Yosemite so presumably we need to keep that in mind? I'm not sure what is a feasible drive for one day, my little English brain can't cope with the scale of California, so I'm hoping someone can help with some ideas of good places to visit and stay overnight.
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Default Lots of time to travel afield...

    Hello alichat and welcome to the RoadTripAmerica forum!

    Well, you have some time and things to play with here. As a rough rule of thumb its about a half day's drive from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe. If you have 10 days, it sounds like you have 9 days to allocate sightseeing somewhere else in the California area.

    What else would you like to see? Are you city or beach or mountains person? Or is there somewhere or something you'd like to do?

    You have some freedom of time to do anything from visiting the Redwoods in Northern California to going skiing somewhere (March is still skiiing season in many resorts) to driving down PCH through Big Sur to LA, or visiting Yosemite, or even making it as far east as Las Vegas or the Grand Canyon before returning to Lake Tahoe.

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    Default Rest Easy

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    First, keep in mind that while California is 5 times as big as Great Britain, the distances between the points you want to see are not all that great, and the roads are at least as good as most of your 'A' roads. In fact San Francisco, Yosemite and lake Tahoe form roughly an equilateral triangle 200 miles (driving distance) on a side. And while the roads through Yosemite to the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountains will still be snowbound in March, you can still get from Yosemite to Tahoe by simply coming back out westward to CA-49 and heading north to US-50 which will take you east to the Lake. Any of the drives between your stops can be easily done in half a day, so with ten days you'll have plenty of time to explore. How long did you want to stay in each place, and what did you have in mind for general kinds of things to do other than those three venues?


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    Thanks for your reply. I'm not a city person but like looking round smaller towns. We are staying in San Francisco for a few nights and I think that will be enough. I really most of all want to see the scenery. The Redwoods sounds interesting. Would it feasible to head up there first, may be as far as Crescent City, then come back down on the road that goes through Redding (wondered about the weather though), down to Sacremento and Stockton, cut across to San Jose so we can then drive as far south as we've got time for and go through Big Sur, then make our way back up towards Tahoe. Does that make sense? I don't want to spend all the time in the car, I want to look round. Sorry to sound so clueless and thanks for your help and the other mod who replied.

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    Default Less Zig, More Zag

    Do you have to end your trip in Tahoe, or is that just a stop that you want to hit?

    Right now you'll really be zig zagging all over the place, if you can start and end in SF, you could really make this into more of a loop. On this plan you would hit the Redwoods, then go straight over to Tahoe, and then work back to Yosemite. From there you could head due south, and reach the coast near Morro Bay, and work your way back north through Big Sur.

    That would save you quite a few miles, if you are heading back to SF at the end of your trip anyway. If you need to end at Tahoe, then the route you've laid out would probably work best, and I'd estimate you could cover it comfortably in 6-7 days, but having the full 10 would just give you that much more time to explore.

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    Default Gonna love California

    UK is 94,251 square miles in area
    CA is 156,299 square miles in area

    As such, California is not even twice the size of the UKů say 5 times the size is a little ambitious!

    Oh...and you're gonna LOVE CA!
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    Default Square Miles is not really the criteria!

    Quote Originally Posted by viv1969 View Post
    As such, California is not even twice the size of the UKů say 5 times the size is a little ambitious!
    When planning road trips, a measurement of the internal square miles is not very important. AZBuck is correct when he states that, in terms of driving miles, California is many times larger than Great Britain, (maybe even five times as large).


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