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  1. Default Spring Break road trip from MN to ???

    Any advice on fun places for a family road trip, starting in Minnesota?

    Children ages 6, 4, and an infant.

    We are looking for a roundtrip max of 7 days.


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    Default For a First Guess

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    After the winter you guys have endured, I'd suggest south, and given that you really don't want to spend more than two relatively easy days on the road with that many young children, I'd start by suggesting somewhere in the Ozarks or maybe the Appalachians around the Great Smoky Mountains. Both areas offer lots of outdoor activities and family oriented attractions. Anything more specific than that would require a little more knowledge of exactly what you consider fun and how many of your 7 days you could spend on the road as opposed to relaxing at your destination.


  3. Default MN Roadtrip

    Thanks for your thought AZBuck!

    We are now thinking along the lines of a roadtrip to the east coast somewhere. Maybe Boston.

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    Default Too, Too Far

    With only 7 days, Boston, and the east coast for that matter, are just out of the question. It's over 1400 miles from Minneapolis to Boston, so you're looking at three days to drive out and three days to drive back, all for 1 day in the Hub. That's just too much to ask of the kids. The closest beaches are those of Delaware and New Jersey, but both are over 1200 miles away. Unless you've done serious 600 mile days back to back with your children before, I wouldn't recommend this either. When I was their age, I lived in Delaware and we would drive to Wisconsin in two days, but we were exhausted and didn't start having fun until a full day later, or in your case, just about when it's time to get back in the car and do it all over. If you want this trip to be fun, please, keep it manageable.


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