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    So its 4 guys going on a trip for Spring Break. Starts March 1 and ends 10 days later. Yes, we know its short, but we are in college. We're going to start in VA (Northern Virginia) and our goal is to get to San Diego/San Francisco(maybe) spend a day or two (maybe 3) and then drive all the way back. We want to spend most of the time on the drive, seeing different things that we wouldn't if we sat on our butts all spring break.

    We want to see the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Cali. Everything else is up in the air.

    So the question is: What would anyone recommend in terms of states to visit and special places to see on the way? Scenic is nice, funny is nice, but we want something that we'll never forget. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Sorry to say, this trip on this timeline is really pushing the limits of what is possible. If you do pull this off, you certainly aren't going to have time for scenic detours or quirky stops.

    The fact is, you are looking at 2800 miles each direction. Even if you used your youthful energy to drive 700 miles a day -which requires 13 hours per day on the road minimum and is more than I'd recommend- That's still 4 days out and 4 days back. With 10 days, that only leaves you with 2 days to work with.

    And if you want to go to both San Diego and San Francisco, you'll need another full day on the road, that that's if you stick to I-5. The PCH would require at least 2 days. And to be realistic, at the end of 4 straight days packed into a car with 4 people for 13 hours a day, and knowing you're going to be looking at 5 more days just like it, you're going to need at least one day just to decompress, sleep, and get away from arms length from each other once you get to California.

    As far as Grand Canyon and Yosemite go, I don't know how you would fit those in, since they each require at least a half day if you only drive into the parks, take a couple pictures, and continue on your way.

    Like I said, even this sincerio requires you to be driving 700 miles a day, which is far more than I'd ever recommend for consecutive drivng days. 500-600 miles is still a long day, but it is much easier to sustain over a long period. But it also only give you enough time to drive to the Pacific and turnaround and head straight home.

    There is a world of middle ground between sitting on your butts all spring break and trying to push yourself so hard that you end up having a miserable time. I would seriously consider scaling back your plans by taking a roadtrip that has fewer miles, but lots more opportunity to have a good time.

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