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  1. Default Road Virgin! Going from Las Vegas to Houston

    Hi! I shall be visiting the US this April from overseas, and I'm considering a road trip between Las Vegas and Houston. All the mapping websites can give me directions and a route map (travelling I-40 for the largest part of the journey), however, I don't know where to start planning visiting attractions, choosing places to stay, or even whether there's anything interesting on the way! I'm giving myself about 3-4 days for the trip, but what next?

    Can anyone nudge me in the right direction? Is this a trip worthwhile? And do I need to plan the good old fashioned way - check out every town/city enroute and take it from there?



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    Default Lots of resources for your adventure!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaya View Post
    Hi! I shall be visiting the US this April from overseas, and I'm considering a road trip between Las Vegas and Houston.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! There are plenty of resources on this site that you can use to plan your trip. Starting here -- use the search utility (also found in the green navigation bar on every single page of this Forum) and put in place names of the cities and states you will be traveling through. Be sure to look at the bottom of each page on this forum for similar threads. You can also look at some of the travelogs that we have chosen, written by other travelers who have gone this route. Likewise the destinations page has some resources and if you to the Places directory and look at the list by state, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, etc you can see some of the articles we have published.
    All the mapping websites can give me directions and a route map (travelling I-40 for the largest part of the journey),
    That is not really a given there are plenty of alternative routes. In addition to mapping sites, there are road trip planning sites and we recently reviewed and tested the five best ones out there (free) and you can look at our recommendations here.

    The biggest questions we would have for you are -- how long do you have for this trip and what kinds of things interest you? We could easily suggest sufficient attractions to keep you busy for 2-3 months on such a route....

    Happy Planning!

  3. Default 1500 miles...

    Hello Jaya --

    It'd be a fun route to take. A quick check at one of the internet mapping engines shows this will be at least 1500 miles, which is somewhere around 30 hours in the car. So it'd be at least 3 days.

    There are some possibly really cool places to visit -- particularly if you take a more southerly route (in my opinion at least) One route might be Las Vegas to Grand Canyon to Phoenix to Tucson then east to Las Cruces, Carlsbad, then the rest of the way on I-10 via San Antonio. This lets you visit Grand Canyon, Sedona, Montezumas Castle, Phoenix, Tucson, Saguaro National Park, White Sands National Monument, Carslbad Cavern, the Alamo, and end up in Houston. There are lots of other places along the way that might be interesting, but that would depend upon what you might be interested in and specifics on how long you want to drive/ where you want to stay considerations.

  4. Default Planned the Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon Leg So Far

    Thanks Mark and Larrison for your quick replies! I spent about 4 or 5 hours online last night and didn't even make a dent in planning!

    Mark, I'd like to do this in about 3 days - so definitely not planning to explore every single thing. :) I think my biggest fear is coming so far (we're travelling all the way from Dubai, UAE), and if we just get in a car and drive our merry way without really planning, I might come back home and find out that we missed something REALLY interesting/famous on our way, and THAT will really cook my goose!! ;)

    So rambling on the internet, I got about as far as going from Las Vegas via Route 93, past Boulder City, over Hoover Dam, through Lake Mead National Rec. Area, on to I-40, detouring on to Route 66 at Seligman (which is supposed to be a historic route 66 town?), getting back on to I-40 and then exiting again to head towards the Grand Canyon where we could stay overnight. So question - can this be done in a day, to start with?

    I still need to explore your route, Larrison, but what I did after that was to drive out from the GC and hopping on to Route 89 heading northwards, and then 264 heading east-ish which as per my research, takes us through the Indian reservations (Hopi nations) and the painted desert and Second Mesa and then hitting I-40 again!

    However, we would then miss the Meteor Crater and the Petrified National Forest which sound cool too!! Any advise/opinions on this?

    I guess next step is to check out the rest of the route as well as your idea of using I-10, Larrison!

    Can I ask, is it fairly safe to undertake a road trip like this? The fact that we're from the Middle East (although I'm from India and my husband's from Tanzania) also bothers us a little in terms of whether we'll have to worry about chilly receptions or people having an unfavorable attitude towards us if we talk about where we're from!!! It may sound weird, but I'd like to know the temperature before jumping in the pool!!! :)

    Would love to hear back from you guys - I'm surfing the internet today as well, so I'll write in again with my findings!!


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    You may enjoy Meteor Crater but, based on my experience there, it's nothing special. I think it is ruined for you because, as you walk through the visitor centre, you are informed that the crater is something like the 23rd largest in the world. At that point it became just a hole in the ground to me and I'd lost interest before I'd even seen it, given I'd left a REALLY big hole in the ground that morning; the Grand Canyon..! It wasn't cheap to get into, either. However, others have a totally different view to me, so don't let me put you off. I'm just saying, personally, I wouldn't lose any sleep over missing it out.

    Route 66 is fun though. Kingman is a pretty good place to start your journey along it is home to the Historic Route 66 Museum and visitor center, as well as lots of restaurants, bars and motels. It also has that infamous photo opportunity which everyone has to take advantage of!

    From there I'd suggest you stick on Route 66 through Williams and Seligman until you get to Flagstaff. In terms of time it might take you 10 or 20 minutes longer than the interstate but it's well worth it.

    There are a few other places to stop along the stretch. Two of these are the gift shops in Seligman. Park the car as you enter town and walk through it, it's quite amazing. Be sure to stop in the gift stores (one of which is here but I cannot recall the name of the other (much larger) store) and marvel at the stuff they're selling as well as the memories on their walls. Further along you will find an old gas station which has been converted into a museum. I can't recall the name of this place but it's on the left hand side as you go from Kingman to Flagstaff and you can't really miss it! You really do need to stop there to have a look around.

    One thing you might like to do, given you're coming from Dubai, is bring some souveneir of there for the people in these last three places I mentioned. Their walls are covered in currency and licence plates, etc. from around the world. We didn't have anything to leave them but, if we had, I'm sure they'd have spent even longer talking to us and reliving old memories than they did.

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