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    Okay, So I know I'm a bit of a 'last minute' planner but a friend of mine and I have decided to take a roadtrip next weekend. The question is ......where to? and to see what? lol!

    We are trying to be as cost efficient as possible. My car does get amazing gas mileage. I'm originially from OK/TX so I do have friends that direction that we could stay with but I was kinda thinking I might want to try someplace new?

    Here are my details. I live in Northern, VA and have about one week.

    I'm 26.....not too much of a partier but wouldnt mind some excitement :)

    Any reccomendations would be appreciated :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shell76 View Post
    Okay, So I know I'm a bit of a 'last minute' planner
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! In my world, a last-minute planner is someone who looks at map as they are sitting in the car about to pull out of driveway. For many in this roadtripping community a last-minute planner is anyone who embarks on a trip less than two years from planning it.... so there is a huge range on this issue. Here is a trip that might appeal


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    Hi Shell,

    I too am planning a road trip to some southern states. Good luck with your planning!



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