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    My husband and I are planning on driving to Vegas to see my brother. We only have 12 days to drive and visit, so we are hoping to drive 15hrs a day and make it there in three days. According to all the directions it takes between 37-41hrs. We are only stopping to eat go to the bathroom and 2 nights to sleep. We are leaving on a Tuesday morning and hope to get there late Thursday evening. Is this possable or even realistic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cait13 View Post
    My husband and I are planning on driving to Vegas to see my brother.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! As you you know, it is approximately 2700 miles from Rhode Island to Las Vegas (depending upon where in RI you are starting from). I don't know when the trip is planned for, (weather conditions are always a factor) but even if you drove the most direct route, you will need to plan to be on the road at least 16 hours each of those days (if the weather is good and you can drive at or in excess of the posted speed limit all of the time you are driving). If you hit storms, you will probably need to factor in at least another 8-10 driving hours. Please read these tips for a speed run and if at all possible stretch the transit time to 3.5 days.


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    Default Why Not Fly?

    Its an odd question to ask on a roadtrip forum, but why don't you just fly?

    When you consider the cost of fuel and lodging, you often don't save that much by traveling by land, especially when its only 2 people. When you combine the financial cost and with the physical cost of pushing yourself to your biological limits for 3 straight days, and when you take into account you're going to need at least one day to simply recover and sleep once you get to Vegas, this just doesn't sound like a trip that makes much sense.

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    Default Great Idea!


    Glad you "stepped back" and posed that idea. That does make the most sense, given the weather outlook and their need for speed!


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    We have a bulldog and he is coming with us.There is no option of him flying(I have had awful experences with that) and we are not putting him in a kennel, thay have horrible reps and are very expensive and it is just not an option.

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