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    Can anyone reccomend any reliable second hand vans I can look at to buy for my road trip?
    Being from the uk I dont know much about some of the american companies eg. Dodge, GMC, Buick, etc and the companiies I do know all have different names for their products!
    Just want something reliable as I am not very car savvy and something I could sleep in occasionally as well.


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    Default Reliability

    I think the best place for you to look for reliability ratings would be a magazine such as Consumer Reports or websites such as JD Power and KBB.

  3. Default You might consider some other options too?

    There's another class or two of vehicles you might consider as well..

    Minivans -- sort of half way between vans and station wagons. Good cargo volume, usually large enough that you can sleep in them in a pinch. Typically used by mom's carrying soccer teams to practice and the like. Just about every auto make in the US sells a version of these and have for more than a decade.

    SUVs -- Sport Utility Vehicles. Depending upon the size and age, they might be reasonably priced. They vary in size, from pretty large to the pretty small. The medium and larger sized ones (which are built on pick up bodies) are big enough to sleep a person in the back in a pinch -- mine has 6' of cargo space behind the back seat if it folded up, for example).

    Pickup truck with a shell -- not sure what you requirements are, but I've seen folks do occassional camping with a pickup truck with a small shell on the back. This is typically just a fiberglas/ aluminum cover that goes on the back cargo area of the pickup. (It's not a full camper shell...) It's enough to cover the cargo area, provide a locking storage area, and you can sleep in it -- particularly if you put a pad or some carpeting in the pickup trucks cargo area to make it more comfortable.

  4. Default thanks

    cheers guys!

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