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  1. Default Thinking of taking road trip with the kids

    Hey everyone hope you all can help.

    My family and I are British and have booked a disney cruise for next year. My partner has decided to kill 2 birds with one stone, not only will the kids have a great holiday he'll get to drive through the States!
    We will be flying into Newark Airport and then he wants us to drive down to Orlando in an RV.
    This all sound great but we have no idea about RV's (the costs to rent one one-way, where we can park, the costs of parking etc.) if anyone out there can give me a run down on RV's and everything that goes with them that would be great.
    Also does anyone have any tips on places to see on the way down to Orlando, we have 3 kids who will be at the time of travelling 14, 11 and 6, so places that would interest these would be great.
    We understand that if we took the I95 it would be a pretty short trip, so we have decided to take the coastal route and try and see as much as we can over a 5 day period.

    Any help at this point would be great help as we are only in the planning stages of the trip.

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    A road trip with the kids is a good way for them to experience the country.

    We have a guide to renting an RV here, and for more information about this method of travel, see the links on this page. Generally RV owners park in campgrounds, though this is depending on what time of year you will be travelling (since this is in the Fall & Winter section - I imagine it will be somewhere between September and February). Usually in the South you shouldn't have too much difficulty.

    I will defer the question about one-way rental to someone with more experience with that.

    If you do plan on taking I-95, we have a recommendation for a guide book that lists all of the great things to see near this highway. Keep in mind that from Newark to Orlando is roughly 1100 miles - so giving yourself five days for this trip would be ideal.

    This is a heavily populated route - generally, the East coast is where most of the population of the US is concentrated. But there are also many places of interest - Washington, DC, Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA. What are your interests?

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    Default The Coastal Route - II

    A short while back I posted a thumbnail description of the coastal route with some links to a some of its major attractions. A few others the kids might particularly enjoy would include Assateague and Chincoteague Islands, and, although it's a relic from our civil war and not the Roundheads vs. Cavaliers, I think the boat ride out to Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor would also be a treat.


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    Thanks for all the info it has been very helpful.

    I'm really interested in two main things:

    1. For my family to see as much as we can without craming in too much and therefore not having enough time to enjoy it.

    2. I would really like to take my kids to forests, parks, rivers etc. I know it sounds really silly but growing up in the UK my parents took me and my brothers and sister to the country or the sea side every other weekend when they could, so I remember paddling in streams, climbing trees, looking for bears lol etc. My youngest son will be 6 when we travel, we left the UK when he was 18 months old, so he hasn't been able to experience any of these things. We now live on a Island with the most beautiful Oceans and snorkelling/scuba diving/swimming in the ocean over here is magnificant. BUT we have no countryside to speak of, no fields, no streams, no rivers, no lakes and apart from palm trees no decent climbing trees.
    In short I would like my kids to experience the wilderness!

    So if anyone knows of a route that will help me acomplish both of these points it would be great.

    Once again thanks for all the info. so far.

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    Default Mix and Match

    With 5 days to get from Newark to Orlando, you do have at least some time to get to and wander through, if not leisurely savor, several different natural environments along the way. So let's try this route:

    Leave Newark and head west on I-80. In only 60 miles, you will be completely out of the New York metro area and in a great riverine environment, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Depending on how jet lagged you all are, that may be as far as you want to go that first day. In any event, after maybe doing some canoeing, rafting or just hiking down the Delaware, you would continue westward on I-80 through the Pocono Mountains to I-81 south along the spine of the Appalachians. There are several small state parks along this route in Pennsylvania. Although I haven't been to them all, those I have visited have been lovely and would certainly let you and the kids get a taste of this neck of the woods. Once in Virginia, an easy day's drive at only about 300 miles from the Delaware Water Gap, you can hop on the Skyline Drive through Shenandoah National Park and farther south the Blue Ridge Parkway. At this point, you should probably start heading back toward the coast across southern Virginia to the Norfolk area. Even though you live on an island and have seen the ocean, I think the trip down the Outer Banks and on to Charleston and Savannah, as described earlier, would offer a change of pace at this point and a chance to see a different style of coast than you're used to. Finally, along the South Carolina and Georgia coasts, you'll have the opportunity to experience swamplands in the Francis Marion National Forest and the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.

    Hope that at least gives you some ideas of what's generally available in terms of natural settings between New York and Disney World. There are other venues available. In particular, the National Wildlife Refuge System is a great and under-utilized resource as are the various state park systems along the way.


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    I have an interesting diversion that you may also want to consider on your road trip. Instead of taking I-80 West directly to I-81 south, head down I-287 south to I-78 West. From there, you'd head about 15 miles west on I-78 and get of to local route 614. Take that to Upper Black Eddy, PA which is where you'll find something called the Ringing Rocks of Pennsylvania. I've never been there yet myself, although I drive near it a bit on business, but I understand that it's like 7 acres of rocks that ring out when struck with hammers or other hard objects. It's supposed to be one of those "mystical places" on Earth, a bit like Stonehenge, and quite memorable. I'm heading to Florida myself in a few weeks and may try to squeeze this stop in on that trip.

    Ringing Rocks site


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    Default Musical Interludes

    Quote Originally Posted by mocon View Post
    Take that to Upper Black Eddy, PA which is where you'll find something called the Ringing Rocks of Pennsylvania.
    Mike, sounds like an interesting destination. A couple more musical places -- (not really on this roadtrippers line of march, but still interesting -- at least to me):

    Wave Organ in San Francisco -- Pipes that moan and squeak with the rush of the incoming tide.

    Singing Dunes at the Kelso Dunes in Mojave National Preserve in California. They actually boom quite loud as you run down the face of these huge dunes of sand.

    Singing Bridge at Point State Park in Pittsburgh. The underlaying support beams of I-279 are wood and when trucks pass over the bridge it sounds like a giant marimba. The best place to hear this is in a concrete amphitheatre near the maintenance shed of the state park.


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