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    Default First Roadtrip, Need Ideas

    Ok so I'm a senior in high school who can't wait to graduate and take on the world. My first step in doing this is going on a roadtrip with 5 other friends this summer. Now the problem is that none of us have ever gone on a trip like this and have no clue how to put one together.

    Here's what I have so far:

    We have no time limit seeing as we have the whole summer.

    We do, however, have some sort of budget seeing as we're a bunch of 18 year old with crappy minimum wage jobs.

    We live in Cleveland Ohio. We have no destination at all. Sometimes we think we should go out to California...Hollywood - rub elbows with the hotshot movie stars. Sometimes we think it would be more fun to just head to the beach somewhere and stay for a week or so. I'm open to any suggestions whatsoever. I even came up with idea of going across the country and sleeping in Walmart parking lots.

    If anyone has any ideas as to what we should do, please don't hold back.


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    Default Time and Money

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you'll find the best way to focus your efforts is to figure out a realistic budget. You'll need to think about how much each of you can save and each of you can afford to spend.

    Once you know how much money you'll have to work with, you will have a better idea of how long you can actually be on the road. However, I would also urge you to think about how much time you'll actually want to spend on the road. Even if you can afford a 3 month trip, I would be somewhat surprised if all 6 of you will actually want to be on the road all summer long.

    The size of your group is also something you'll have to think about. That's a pretty large number to travel on a trip like this. It means you'll probably need two cars, unless someone has a large van, and it also means you'll have 6 different opinions about what makes a great roadtrip.

    I'd take a look at some of the Roadtrip Planning Articles, with the Compatability Quiz and Teenage Roadtrip being two that could be the most helpful.
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    Default Also consider

    You may also want to consider taking a shorter, "starter" trip to some areas that are relatively nearby to your hometown such as the Chatauqua or Allegany regions of New York, or even just taking a trip along US-6 into Pennsylvania and camping in that area to get a feel for what you are about to embark upon.

    The "sleeping in Wal-Mart parking lots" is not unheard of, but generally is reserved for RVs and only in those establishments that allow it. You are going to want a hot shower and a comfortable place to stay, if not every night, then at least every few days.

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    Default Graduation Road Trip

    Hey, you are young and vibrant, go for the gusto. Many campgrounds have tent sites, and will afford you a good shower whenever you want. Corps of Engineers, and State and National Parks usually have reasonable rates for tent camping. Remember day use is less than overnight camping at these facilities, so if you sleep in WalMart parking lots, or elsewhere like roadside rest areas, you can always go to a State or National park which has campsites and take a shower, etc.

    I made several similar trips when I was younger, but not straight out of high school. I went to work for the U S Government at a very young age and many times had from a week to a month off without having to use vacation time. I along with several friends made many trips lasting for days and weeks to the desert areas in California and Arizona. We took motorcycles, dune buggies, boats and a variety of other modes of entertainment along at times. I don't remember any of those trips that were not an absolute blast, although there were moments when picking cactus spines out of sensitive areas of our body we sometimes doubted out sanity. Of course there are not as many public lands now that can be utilized for camping, but there are still many out there. We also made several trips to the rocky mountains to old mining locations and set up in an abandoned mine or mine shack for our stay.

    Just respect others privacy, property, and feelings and you should have a great trip.

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    Default Go for broke!

    I say go for Alaska! go counterclockwise around america :)
    do it all- beaches, deserts, Hollywood, glaciers- why not!

    just make sure you can stand your fellow travellers for a while.
    and can stomack bread and jam and beef jerky and pretzels for a loooong time :)
    have fun!- there's always ways of living a dream

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