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    I am planning a trip starting in June to drive to all 48 states,
    I need help in direction of how to cover all the states the quickest routes.
    I am planning on flying in from Hawaii to California, have to travel to San Francisco, so thought i would head up to north west and take main route acros the top to boston, down to florida and acros south to arizona, making some zig zags along the way to mid states.
    any people done simular or partial route that can advise me , I would really appreciate it!
    I will be updating a blog of my travel
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    Quote Originally Posted by deanmaui View Post
    I need help in direction of how to cover all the states the quickest routes.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! As part of a fund-raiser, a father/son driving duo completed a simliar quest (that actually included all 50 states) in about 10 days. This link to our Travelog page has plenty of routing tips from folks who have done similar trips (but in on the 49 day window). Quest-4 probably has the most efficient routing and here is a map to their trip.


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