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    Default Summer Car hire

    Hi there
    Am trying hire a car rom Niagra toi LA. Seems I will have to get it from Buffalo since no Niagra firms supply for such a big one way millage.
    Am actually flying into Toronto and bussing it down to Niagra so will then have to get to Buffalo.
    There must be an easier way.Am Off to LA over 26 days then fly out of LAX back to the UK.
    Any bright ideas before I pop a cork?

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    Default Doesn't Sound So Bad

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Renting in Buffalo doesn't sound like it will be that much of a hassle. But if its really a problem, you could see if someone in Toronto will let you drop in LA. I'm not sure if you'll have any luck because of the cross-border issues, but you could try.

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