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  1. Default advice-Where should i sell my van?

    having landed in vancouver and bought our van in Calgary, my friend and i have reached New York and are now heading back to Vancouver to fly home.

    therfore we are ready to sell our van (88 Dodge Caravan) and were wondering if there were any suggestions on where/how to do so.

    but if there were any other suggestions or even interested buyers, it would be welcome.
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    Default The options

    Welcome to the RTA forum.

    There are generally 3 options: Post an ad online, Buy a classified ad in a Newspaper or similar publication, or Sell it to a Dealership.

    Online Ads are certainly the cheapest option - with craigslist and several similar clones offering free postings. However, its probably the least effective way, because the number of people who visits those sites is relatively small. The Car specific sites, like, Autotrader, or even e-bay, will usually be more effective, but they also cost about as much as an Ad in a newspaper.

    Newspaper Ads are probably the most effective way to get a good price for your vehicle. However, its a process that takes time and its not exactly cheap. You need to plan for at least a week of time to find a buyer, and an Ad can cost $50 or more depending on the paper.

    Selling it to a dealership is often the only real option if you are in a serious time crunch. You can have the sale completed immediately (as long as you have the right paperwork) but you'll also typically get a very very low price in return. Since the dealership want to turn around and make a profit and without purchasing another car, they have the upper hand, and typically will only buy the car for a significant discount off of the "Trade In Value" listed by NADA or Kelly Blue Book.

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