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  1. Default Salt Lake City to Denver; june10-18

    Hi, family of 7 here planning a trip from salt lake to denver in 10 days. Parents, an aunt and 4 young adults visiting from Malaysia and would like to see the the best parts of the country. Heres the tentative plan:

    salt lake (park city actually): 2 nights
    drive through grand teton to yellowstone: spend 3 nights in yellowstone
    rapid city (mt rushmore NP) : 2 nights
    denver: 2 nights

    1. Should we spend a night in grand teton and only 2 nights in yellowstone?
    2. What are good towns to stay in with easy access to the parks?
    3. What are good places to stop between drives?
    4. My mum really wants to see Colorado and i picked Denver. Is there some other place that would be better?

    Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Some Details for Your Trip

    To answer your questions:

    1) If you take the time to enjoy the drive up US-89 to Grand Teton National Park. then Jackson would make a good stop for the night. There's lot's to do in town (Note: the town is Jackson, the valley is Jackson Hole) and it would set you up well for spending the next day in Grand Teton National Park. You could then finish the day with a cruise through Yellowstone to wherever you're going to stay while you visit the park.

    2) My personal favorite is West Yellowstone, ID. I've also stayed in Gardiner, MT, but West Yellowstone has all the amenities you'll need as well as a funky feel and plenty of night life for the young adults.

    3) Some possibilities include:
    Bear Lake State Park, either in Utah or Idaho on the way to the Tetons, Devils Tower National Monument on the way over to Mt. Rushmore, and Wind Cave National Park south of Mt. Rushmore.

    4) I'd strongly suggest that, on your way down to Denver, you make a short swing to the west and visit Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, and Boulder for a better taste of Colorado than Denver will offer.


  3. Default Another stop suggestion please

    Thanks for the advice! Now we're thinking:

    Park City and Salt Lake- 2 nights

    Yellowstone- 3 nights

    Jackson (Grand Teton)- 1 night

    Boulder (day trips to Great Rockies NP & Boulder)- 2 nights

    Question: Is there a better stop than Jackson during the drive from Yellowstone to Boulder (from Jackson to Boulder its 10 hours) from Yellowstone its about 12, courtesy of mapquest...

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    Default Overnight: Yellowstone to Rocky Mountain

    A good town to stay in for that segment would be Rawlins, WY. It's the first sizeble town you'll come to after traversing the relatively unpopulated Great Basin area, and since it's only about 400 miles from Yellowstone, can be made in a comfortabe day's drive, even if you get a reluctant start that morning.


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