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    We recently moved from Florida to San Francisco. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to take a little weekend trip (this weekend) to Yosemite. Booked the hotel and all was well. Then we start hearing from co-workers that we'll need tire chains and all kinds of foreign stuff in order to handle the drive. Being from Florida, the most travel preparation we're accustomed to is which pair of flip-flops to bring. So, we're really freaked out. Are we going to crash into a ravine? Will we be charged hundreds of dollars for these tire chain thingeys?? Please help! Our lovely, supposedly "peaceful" weekend communing with nature is at stake.

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    Yes, tire chains are required when you drive into Yosemite in the winter, but they shouldn't cost you all that much. There are several places in the towns surrounding Yosemite that offer chains for sale and even for rent. I purchased a set a few years ago in that area that cost about $30, if I remember correctly. You can also look into buying them from an auto parts store around SF, that might save you a little money. That would also give you the opportunity to try installing the chains before you go, in case you need to use them - which is by no means a sure thing.

    I think winter is a great time to visit Yosemite. Something about having snow on the ground there just adds to the experience. There is also an outdoor ice rink in the park, which is something you can only do in winter.

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    I did a quick look at the weather forecast for Yosemite this weekend

    Daytime highs 50F - 40 F (sunday)
    Nightime lows 18F - 11 F

    Sunny Saturday, but 30% chance of snow showers on Sunday

    So.. you need to prepared, particularly for Sunday. It'll definitely be cooler weather.

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    Default Winter Driving can be lovely!

    Quote Originally Posted by cab6553 View Post
    Being from Florida, the most travel preparation we're accustomed to is which pair of flip-flops to bring.
    Read these winter driving tips and reach for some inner harmony here. Driving through a light winter storm can be magical -- you are in for a treat! You might also benefit from reading my holiday trips essay too -- some overall good roadtrip advice therein.


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    Cab- this has been a really mild winter - dryest January in 158 years. Recent ride up to 5000 feet and there's very little snow. One of my buds rode into Yosemite a couple days ago and it was 50 degrees on the valley floor and sunny! Just fantastic weather, but very little snow for some reason (last year was complete opposite). Travel up the middle road - Hwy 140 - and doubtful you'll encounter snow at all.

    Helpful hint is check out the live webcams that are positioned in the park and can be accessed via park websites.
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