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    Hi all,

    I am working out all of my budget and trying to be realistic about daily food costs. I am trying not to gain 20 pounds while I am on vacation so I would prefer not to just have poptrats for breakfast (even though I love them). We will be staying in less expensive hotels and most only serve donuts or carb only continental breakfasts and I am really hoping someone has suggestions for a better alternative. I tried some of the packaged camping omelet breakfasts and blek! Can anyone suggest anything and also does anyone have a good idea of what the costs of eatting on the road will be? (I will definitely be taking snacks and sandwich making stuff for some meals.)


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    Default Morning meal

    I normally go camping, so our breakfast consists of the typical morning meal staples. There's nothing worse than starting your day off with a bad meal, with something that you don't want to eat (like a dozen donuts).

    We have some food suggestions here, and some cost-saving ideas here.

  3. Default Bringing an icechest?

    If you're bringing an icechest, load it up with fruit and maybe some cheese (or sliced ham etc). If you're sick of the carbo loaded "Free breakfast" in the hotel, grab some fruit and cheese out of the ice chest and have it with the free coffee or hot chocolate. Additional cost should be minimal -- like $0.25 for a banana or an orange from a grocery store, etc. If you don't want the cold cereal, you might have a box of the instant oatmeals in the car too -- grab one of those and mix it in the styrofoam cup they have for the coffee. In a pinch I've done this using the hot water from the tap in the hotel room, or even mixed it using coffee as the hot fluid (not recommended... hot chocolate does work pretty well though....)

    If you buy in semi-bulk from a grocery store, your costs will be pretty low.

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    Thanks for the help. Those links are great.

    We have a camping stove but I hadn't really considered bringing it... I will have to look into that. Sounds great!

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    I haven't done it personally, but you might try MREs (Meals, Ready-to-Eat).

    When I was in college, I took a survival training course put on by the Army to try and get students to join the Army/ROTC. At the close of the course, we had the option of either taking a final exam, or going on a FTX (Field Training Exercise) which involved getting to shoot an M16A4 Assault Rifle and rappel out of a helicopter. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to go on the FTX.

    We spent the weekend at Fort Drum (10th Mountain Division) in early winter. I got to shoot off a brand new, never shot before, M16A4 at the shooting range. Then we divided into teams and hooked up with the MILES system (think laser tag with assault rifles loaded with blanks), run around an urban training ground (a small village with a variety of 1 and 2 story buildings, junked cars, etc) 'shooting' at each other sortof like paintball, throwing smoke grenades, etc. Probably one of the funnest times I've ever had. Ran out of time to jump out of a helicopter though...

    Anyway... for lunch on one of the days we had MREs. Now, I'm a fairly picky eater, I hate box mac and cheese, bologna, processed foods, etc. These were surprisingly good tasting. All you do is add water to a chemical heating pack and it warms everything up in around 10 minutes (hot, not just lukewarm). They have a variety of meals, and even include small fruit salads, drink mix, cookies, etc. They have a fairly high calorie content as well (remember, these are made for soldiers out in the field), so you won't be left hungry.

    PS - I spoke with some of the students that decided to join the ROTC after the class (I took the class my freshman year, spoke to them senior year). Seems as I suspected, the fun stuff was just to get us interested, students didn't get to do anything like that for the rest of the 4 years at school.

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    Default Go Kit Essentials

    Quote Originally Posted by RowingMunkeyCU View Post
    I haven't done it personally, but you might try MREs (Meals, Ready-to-Eat).
    One of the foodstuffs that we recommend are a version of the MREs, we are in field trials now of the best kinds and will report back in a while. Here are some more tips for what to include in a roadtrip Go Kit!


  7. Default Breakfast bars for the road

    Hi Leslie,

    I have never been on a road trip--so I don't know how helpful my advice is in that department--but I am super busy & health conscious--& on the go in the mornings. So I can suggest some healthy alternatives you can buy before you go! (at stores or online) Luna Bars (favorite flavors: nutz over chocolate, caramel pecan pie) Kashi Go Lean bars (chocolate almond toffee is delicious) & I haven't tried them but I hear Slim Fast meal replacements are good. I think those are good alternatives when you don't mind eating a bar or something sweet in the morning--but for other days just eat half a bagel with cream cheese & or omelettes at diners.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately I am allergic to Soy nuts and almost all the bars I have seen contain them, however I found Lara Bars that are absolutely fantastic. They are only made of fruit and nuts. I highly suggest these.

    Well off to begin packing the basics. We leave next Saturday and I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. ;) I feel like a teenager again... boy that's been a while. ;)
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