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    hi, I m planning a trip aroud US soon. I will start my trip in NY go to california and finish in Miami. I would like to see most of interrestings cities/places to see. this trip would take about 4-5 weeks...
    could you help me for the itineray please. Which cities/places do you recommend me?I would like to sleep in youh hostels/motels not too expensives...
    thank you

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You'll have to tell us more about what you are planning and what your interests are. Right now, we just don't know enough about you or your plans to give you any good detailed info.

    Its a huge country, help us narrow things down!

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    thus I m renting a car in NY.The objectif is to visit as much cities/intereting places as possible in 4-6 weeks. We want to start in nY and going west cost (california).wich is the best way to see interestings things on the way. I never been to america and thus want to discover a maximum... In San Francisco maybe going to Los angeles,then las vegas,Grand canion and then finish in miami. We want to have fun, not realy interested by museum,only beautifull places to discover. I m 23 and the other guy is 28. We want quite a cheap (i know it s expensive but we are not going to stay in 5 star hotels...). Thus we gonna sleep in youth hostels/motels, partying sometime, meet people,...
    Thus if you have any sugestions about an itineray, that we can do in the tim we have (we would like to stay 2-3 days in the biggest places like Los angeles,San Francisco,...)
    Thus did anyone a trip around the states?
    thanks for help

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    Your trip doesn´t seems to be to unlike me and and wifes trip. You can read some of it here . (But we have changed some things after reading in this forum).

    That trip is going for six weeks, and will be around 16000 kilometers. If you don´t want to drive all days, you will probably cut off some places.

    A cheap motel like Super 8 or Motel 6 in small citys cost somewhere $45-60/night for a room with two beds, in bigger citys $75-120/night. If you´re a member in a AAA associated organisation, you will quite often get a 10% discount.

    Bernt Bergkvist
    Stockholm, Sweden

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    thanks a lot, it was realy helpfull. I did an itenery now following more or less your wy in the otherside.... good luck for your trip....

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