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    I am particularly interested in finding an online easy-to-use 'road' distance calculator for North America which can give me distances between major cities as well as other destinations e.g. national parks and towns, and would appreciate any feedback as I have been unable to find such a resource.

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    You can find our reviews of several such on-line sites here.


  3. Default A number of different tools..

    AZBuck listed some very good sites.

    For a quick distance/ time estimate between two locations in North America, you can use one of the internet mapping engines. Some of these are listed in AZBuck's listing, and the some of the major ones include,,,

    You type in your starting city and your destination city and the mapping engine will calculate your route -- either on estimated fastest route, or on shortest distance. If you desire, you can typically take this down to turn-by-turn directions.

    However, these engines aren't perfect. I've had them not list major public destinations (the local international airport to here, for example doesn't seem to be listed in the mapping data base on one engine, although businesses within the airport are listed ??!!??), and they may be sensitive to typos, and other usual data base lookup errors. But they can provide a good estimate of distances and "in the car" driving times... (Note: the times listed for travel between points doesn't seem to be more than a distance over a route with an estimated velocity for that route -- the time doesn't include the necessities of gas stops, biological breaks, get-out-of-the-car-and-stretch stops, and the like. You'll typically run a longer time to travel the distance shown -- sometimes quite a bit longer.)

    I don't know of a good free system to put in multiple waypoints and have it calculate the overall distance between specific points, like a true trip planning tools. Mapquest used to have this capability in a limited way, but seems to have dropped it in one of their iterations. There are other tools, like MSN Streets & Trips which I believe has this, but you need to buy the software.

    For my planning I set up a spreadsheet and just start copy-pasting in the times and distances for specific legs with an allowance for stops along the way and at destinations. Then I can mix and match if I'm juggling distances and times if I want.

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