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    Default 4 weeks--10,000 miles

    Hey everyone, I've been reading information on this site for the last few months, but this is my first time posting.

    Well this year I'm graduating high school, and quickly after I plan to leave on the roadtrip me and my brother have been dreaming about for a long long time.

    We're planning roughly 26 days to travel 10,000 miles. The rough itinary is:

    Redding, CA-Mt. Rushmore, SD (we want to travel that 1200 in one sitting)

    Mt Rushmore, SD-Springfield, MO (would like to get that done in one sitting as well)

    Springfield, MO-Chicago, Ill

    Chicago, Ill-Niagra Falls Canada/NY state

    Niagra falls-Boston, MA

    Boston, MA- New York, NY

    New York, NY- Washington D.C.

    Washington D.C.-Richmond, VA

    Richmond, VA- Knoxville, TN

    Knoxville, TN-Miami, FL

    Miami, FL-Gainesville-FL

    Gainesville, FL- Memphis, TN

    Memphis, TN- New Orleans, LA

    New Orleans, LA- San Antionio, TX

    San Antionio, TX- Phoenix, AZ (we want to get this done in one sitting too)

    Phoenix, AZ- Oceanside, CA

    Oceanside, CA- back home to Redding, CA

    My question is, do you think we can pack this much traveling in a 26 day period? A lot of the places will be brief stops, our longest stays will be in Boston (2 days), New York (3 days), Washington D.C. (2 days), Miami (2 days), and Knoxville (2 days). Those stays alone take up 11 days.

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    Default Rent a helicopter?


    I think you have to cut down this trip, or try to do it with a helicopter instead of a car.

    As a start, Redding to Mount Rushmore is 1355 miles. That is something like 24 hours of continous driving with an enormous gastank on a trailer behind, so you donīt have to stay and fill it. You and your brother also need to be superheros that donīt need to sleep, and always are alert.

    Your next stage is "only" 1000 miles, and can be done in 18 hours or so, but itīs not recommended.

    San Antonio to Phoenix is also 1000 miles long.

    Knoxville to Miami is 900 miles...

    Iīm sorry, I dont want to harm you, but try to think again.

    With a schedule like this you will take a big risk for beeing involved in a serious accident. Even if you avoid that, you will only see highways and the rest of the time you will be sleeping.

    I suggest you limit the daily trips to maximum 500-600 miles. Then you have time to stay the car and strech your legs, eat something, do the biological needs, fill gas and maybe say hello to some beautiful girls behind the counter.

    Bernt Bergkvist
    Stockholm, Sweden

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    That's what I was worried about. I've been racking my plans trying to find things I can cut out. Perhaps skipping the northern expidition and taking the I-80 straight from east to west could save some mileage rather than going up to South Dakota, down to Missouri, up to northern Illinoise, and Niagra Falls, that's about as much as I can see able to cut right now.


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    Default Roadtrip Meet Reality

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There is simply no possible way you will ever make a trip like this happen. Its just not within the range of reality.

    As Bernt mentioned, you've got several stretches where you will be driving 900, 1000, even 1400 miles in a day. That's just not realistic, at all.

    On a long distance, multi-day roadtrip, 500 miles is really the most you should plan to travel on a daily basis. Even that puts you on the road for 9 hours a day, and leaves very little time for exploration. The occational day in the 600 or 700 mile range is feasable, but even at the upper end of those distances, you need a full day off the road to recover. That's why your 900+ mile days just aren't going to work.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you want to have a major roadtrip is really a dream you want to achieve, you need to go back to the drawing board, relook at the advice other people have been given on this forum, and come up with a plan that can actually be completed when considering that humans have physical limiations that don't always show up on computer programs.

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    Default Cutting, not trimming

    I started my last post before your response, but when it comes to cutting things out of your trip, I think you need to start looking at what your top priorities really are.

    It appears right now that seeing the major east coast cities is a top priority, and that's possible. Just remember, you'll need 10 days of your 26 just to make the roundtrip to New York on a direct and quick pace.

    If you elminate Miami, and keep with your planned days in NY, Boston, DC, and Knoxville, that's 9 Days, and that's if you include your travel time between cities as part of your days spent there.

    Roughly, that leaves you with 7 days to play with. Simply driving to Miami and staying there for 2 days would chew up all of that time, so I'd strongly consider eliminating that stop. Probably the best bet would be to look at some of the other places you'd like to visit, and plan half days there as you make your way across the country. That will give you more time to enjoy your journey, instead of feeling like you have to race across the country to squeeze the kitchen sink into your available time.

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    Default A possible way?

    Hi again!

    I tried to make a feasible trip with your options, and if I cut Springfield and Florida, I found an 8000 miles long trip like this:

    Day 1: Redding, CA to Elko, NV
    Day 2: To Casper, WY
    Day 3: First Mount Rushmore, then to Rapid City, SD
    Day 4: To Rochester, MN
    Day 5: To Chicago, Il
    Day 6: Still in Chicago. You need to rest a little, after been driving 2400 miles i 5 days.
    Day 7: To Niagara Falls, NY
    Day 8: To Boston, MA
    Day 9: Still in Boston
    Day 10: To New York, NY
    Day 11 & 12: Still in New York, NY
    Day 13: To Washington D. C.
    Day 14: Still in Washington
    Day 15: To Knoxville, TN
    Day 16: Still in Knoxville
    Day 17: To Mempis, TN
    Day 18: To New Orleanas, LA
    Day 19: To San Antonio, TX
    Day 20: To El Paso, TX
    Day 21: To Phoenix, AZ
    Day 22: To Oceanside, CA
    Day 23: To Redding, CA

    This is a lot of complete days of driving, but itīs some kind of a must since the distance is long, and the days are few. You have 3 spare days in this trip, and maybe you can "steal" a few more days. Itīs a really shame to not try to see more when you drive across like this.

    Iīm sure you will find a lot more to explore and discover, but donīt add too much driving.

    Bernt Bergkvist
    Stockholm, Sweden

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