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  1. Default LA to Grand Canyon in one day?

    Hi everybody

    I am planning my visit to the West, and have few days. I want to drive from Los Angeles to Grand Canyon South Rim in one day.

    Is it possible?


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    Default Yes!

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It is certainly possible to drive from LA to the South Rim in one day. It is a pretty long day, at 500 miles and 9-10 hours, but it is absolutely feasable.

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    I am planning my visit to the West, and have few days.
    About how much time do you have to spend in the West, and where are you starting out from?

    Sometimes the amount of time somebody has is relative (I consider anything less than 5 days to be "few"). Plus, if you take the 10 hour trip to the Grand Canyon, then that means there is a 10 hour trip back from the Grand Canyon. Something to consider.

  4. Default Its possible, but a long day...

    Having driven this route myself, I know its possible to go from LA area to South Rim of the Grand Canyon in one day.

    In my case, I stopped at Williams for the night, about 45 minutes south of the rim. (Cheaper hotels and more availability when I went). It's a long one day drive -- we left about 7 am and got into Williams about 5 in the evening, driving pretty much straight through. Our only stop, other than gas/ biological stops was for a picnic lunch at the Mitchell Caverns in Mojave National Preserve (its actually a state park in the midst of the National Preseve -- but didn't go into the caverns).

    I would also caution about if you're trying to make it through rush hour traffic in LA -- that can add an hour to the trip if you're unlucky and heading the wrong way at the wrong time.

  5. Default Sorry for delay

    Sorry I am late to answer, but had busy days!!

    Thank you all for your answers.

    Buss Tim, I will be 12 days in the West. I start (have one thread about it) in San Francisco, go to LA, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite and then San Francisco again. So I would go from South Rim to Las Vegas.

    It is great to know about your experience, Garrison.

    From your message I guess that 7 is a good time to leave LA. Is it worth Mitchell Caverns?

    I will try to take GPS, but, since I am foreigner, it will be easy for me to get wrong way at wrong time.


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