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    I am a first time road tripper and I want to travel across the US and back sometime late May, after my school is finished. I haven't given it much thought as to what sights I want to see. I just know I want to escape for a little. I plan on going with at least one other person. I am wondering if anyone can help me with what route I should take. Are there any sights we should see along the way and what is a reasonable amount of time to expect it to take? Anything anyone can suggest will be very helpful. Thank you.

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    The fastest way across the country for you would be to take I-70 and I-80, and as a sprint you could cover the distance in 5 days.

    But I would suggest you think about what you'd want to see first, and then build your route around those places. Clearly, you will have to make some of your decision based on how much time you have, but I think you'll have a better time if you focus on what you want to do and see before you worry about how you'll get there.

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