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  1. Default Road trip NJ - SF

    Hey everyone, just found this site. Very nice information :)

    Here is my plan for my trip, please give me some advice and pointers.

    Starting in NJ

    5/12/2007 Driving to Cincinnati

    5/13/2007 - 5/14/2007 Chicago

    5/15/2007 - 5/16/2007 Drive to Estes Park, co

    5/17/2007 - 5/19/2007 Stay in Estes park

    5/19/2007 - 5/21/2007 Driving to San Francisco

    5/21/2007 Arriving San Francisco

    5/22/2007 - 5/26/2007 In San Francisco

    5/26/2007 - drive to Las Vegas

    5/26/2007 - 5/29/2007 in las vegas

    5/29/2007 - drive to Tucson

    5/29/2007 - 5/31/2007 in Tucson

    6/1/2007 - drive to San Antonio

    6/1/2007 - 6/2/2007 - In San Antonio

    6/2/2007 - Drive to Huston

    6/3/2007 - 6/6/2007 Huston

    6/07/2007 - 6/10/2007 Drive home

  2. Default Long times in the car?

    Hello bonker997, and welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    I did a quick glance through your rough itenary, and usual issues are in the daily mileage and hours on the road, but doing a quick back of the envelope check it looks like most are in the doable range -- but I'd still encourage you to sit down with an trip guide or use one of the internet mapping engines to check the distances & time of each leg to make sure they're reasonable. I didn't check all the distances and times, and I urge you to do the next level planning for this. And give some thought to how much time you want to spend in the car getting places, versus getting out of the car to see something.

    My primary experience is on the west coast so I'm going to concentrate on that part.

    Coming into California to SF
    - You'll be passing through Reno and just past Lake Tahoe and Virginia City. Depending upon your time and interest, Reno is a fun town (close to Las Vegas in orientation, but not as large). Lake Tahoe is one of the prettiest places you'll be passing and would be worth a small side trip. Virginia City was home for the Comstock Lode and a major silver mining center, and is a good sidetrip to see the history of mining in the area and in general for the late 1800's.

    - You'll be passing through Sacramento. There are a number of interesting places to stop here, depending upon your interests. Some of the fun ones are the Gold Rush history in the California State Musuem, or the large Rail museum near Sacramento which includes several working large steam locomotives and at least one you can ride on.

    - You'll be near coming into SF. Napa Valley. Wine country. Wineries and tasting rooms. Excellent restaurants. Enough said. But I wouldn't push it too hard to do a long day's drive, hit up Napa Valley and then make it to downtown SF in a day. It's an area you need to spend a little bit of time to enjoy -- and yes, there are very stringent anti-drinking laws here so you need to be careful about tasting and driving, particularly on a long driving day.

    You're showing travel from SF to Las Vegas in a day. That's a doable, but long drive -- probably 9-10 hours in the car. There are a couple of options on this leg of your route, but not doable in a single day between SF and Vegas in my opinion. The options include Yosemite or Sequoia, going over the Sierras on Tioga Pass near Yosemite (but a slower road, if its open in May from the winter snows), visiting Edwards Air Force base and the major test center there (if that's your interest), or visiting Death Valley National Park on the east side of the Sierras. All of these would add additional time to the trip, which makes a visit to them undoable if you need to get from SF to Vegas in a day.

    - Tucson to San Antonio in a day. That's about a 900 mile drive in a day. That's probably not a good idea since its over 13 hours in the car. Using the usual rule of thumb that you'll average around 55 miles per hour including gas stops, biological breaks, etc -- thats over a 16 hour drive that day. I wouldn't recommend that long in a day.

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    Default Long distances


    I donīt know where in New Jersey you live, but MS Streets & Trips suggested New Jersey Crispy Crust Pizza, so as an example I put your starting point there :-). I hope you donīt mind.

    When I then checked your roadtrip I was shaking my haed, from left to right. I think you will see a lot of highways, and you will sometimes be some kind of ironman if youīre going to drive those distances in short times.

    From the Crispy Crust Pizza-place there is something like 650 miles to Cincinatti, and there is another 350 miles to Chicago. Itīs not very undoable, but you will sit in the car for two days, morning to evening, and the wheels must roll all the time.

    To Estes Park there is another 1000 miles in just two days, and you have only rested for one day in Chicago.

    Then comes a 1250-miles-in-three-days-trip to SF.

    After some days in SF comes a 600 mile long trip to Las Vegas, in one day.

    Las Vegas to Tucson is no problem, but Tucson to San Antonio is 800 miles, and that will be a very full day of driving.

    Houston is no problem, and from Houston to back home to the New Jersey Crispy Crust Pizza is 16-1700 miles, but that is feasible in four days.

    7000 miles in four weeks isnīt impossible, but for a more comfortable trip I recommend to drive not more than around 500 miles in a day. That means you will have less time for your planned stops, but have time to see other intresting places between the major stops.

    Bernt Bergkvist
    Stockholm, Sweden

  4. Default

    Thanks for the feed back. Crispy Crust Pizza is about 30 miles north of me :D

    I forgot to mention I will be rotating driving duties with my cousin.

    Since I have a two seater, I tried to keep to 500 to 600 mils per day. I think that should be doable.

    the long 900mil+ stretches as you pointed out is what I'm try to figure out.

    1. what if instead of Chicago. I do nj - Cincinnati - st Louis? Is st Louis a nice place to see?

    2. Any places in between Tuscan and San Antonio I can stop at?

    oh ya, I just bought Microsoft streets. I will play with it some more tonight when i get home.

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