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    Default A Roadtrip for 5 best buds!

    Hey, my name is Brian and I live in CO. My 4 best buds and I are all 20 years old and are trying to come up with a road trip for this summer. We want to head into Southern California. I was looking at the map and I was thinking of taking 70 to 15, which hits Las Vegas. Then hitting San Diego for a day/night. After that, I have no idea what route we should take. I hear a lot about the 5 (Goes a long the ocean?). We definitely want to visit Laguna Beach, L.A., Hollywood, San Francisco, all the big and/or beautiful spots. I was wondering if anyone had an idea of where 5 20 year olds should visit and what route should we take? Thanks for any advice!


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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I think we need to slow down and gets some vital information first.

    First, how long are you planning to be on the road? What sort of budget will you have? Where are you planning to sleep? Are you looking for fun things in cities or do you want to explore nature?

    Most importantly, do all 5 of you agree on all of those above questions. I'd strongly suggest taking the Roadtrip Compatability Quiz, no matter how good of friends you are.

    I will also say that 5 can be a bit of an difficult number of people for a roadtrip. Its hard to find a vehicle that can fit everyone comfortably, and generally motels will limit the number of guests in a room to 4. Those challenges can be overcome, but you need to be thinking about that too.

    Now as far where you go, Southern California certainly could be within your reach, depending upon what sort of time you have. I would hope you are not thinking of going all the way from Denver to Las Vegas in one night, as it is a 750+ mile trip, and aside from missing some of the most wonderful areas of the west, you'd really be at risk of getting your trip out on the wrong foot by overdoing thing. Las Vegas might not be a great stopping point considering your ages either. Other than seeing the outside of the casinos, You need to be 21 to do most anything in Vegas, so you could find the experience a bit disappointing. Another detail, I'm not sure what you've heard about the I-5, but its really just another Superslab freeway that runs North and South through California. Its not a road where you'll see much of the ocean, and other just north of San Diego, I-5 doesn't go anywhere near the Pacific. Perhaps you are thinking of CA-1, aka the Pacfic Coast Highway?

  3. Default Give some thought to the tone of the trip?

    A field trip with your buds can be a really great experience, but give some thought to what its' going to be like stuffed in the same vehicle for a couple of weeks...

    Take the compatability drip and give a little thought into how you're going to handle the culture or tone of the trip.

    For example, are you going to be camping? or staying in hotels? Planning on doing a lot of hiking and natural wonder sightseeing? or hitting the night spots in the different urban areas? And what about the 3 guys in the back seat? How are you going to make sure no one is squished in the middle for a couple of weeks? How long are you going to be on the road?

    Now, having said that -- you've potentially roughly outlined a really cool summer trip.

    Just be prepared its going to be hot going through the desert, but you'll want to be stopping every couple of hours to change drivers and let everyone out to stretch their legs and burn off some energy.

    You guys want to hit up Moab and do some mountain biking? Explore some of the natural parks in Utah on your way?

    Its very doable to go to San Diego from Vegas (figure about 7 hours in the car to do that), with maybe some side trips to Joshua Tree or the Salton Sea on the way.

    From SD you can follow the coast north -- I-5 to LA, then 101 to Coast 1 north of LA, and then up the winding road through Big Sur to Monterey and Carmel to SF before you head east through Reno and Tahoe back to Colorado.

    However, you're talking more than a week for this -- say 2 days to Vegas, one more night in Vegas, a day to San Diego, a day north in LA area (OC, Laguna, Huntington Beach), then a day to say San Luis Obispo, then a day through Big Sur to SF, then 2 days back. That's roughly 9-10 days. If you take 2 days you can spent more time in places and pick up some more interesting places to day -- another day in SF, or a day in Tahoe/ Reno/ Virgina City, a day on the beach in California somewhere, an extra day in San Diego to go across the border to Mexico (take the trolley and walk over to avoid the car insurance hassles), etc.

    Lots of places to visit and things to do -- ranging from Disneyland to Death Valley and from surfing to winetasting. What are you and your buddies interested in?

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